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Han Tao Tao Museum please

huihui199508132010-04-05 19:11:02 +0000 #1
Han Tao Tao Museum combat areas and routine aspects of you? ?

Still inside who is more famous and more powerful
3161941732010-04-05 19:24:53 +0000 #2
Han Tao, pretty good! !

Because I am also the student! !

Did not say who is famous and powerful, because people will advance, even though some people today, not to others, that, that person is never so bad it all my life, so that not allowed!

Actual and potential product is out of practice, as the saying goes: "Who will take the students out." Is not to learn and practice! !

Coach to teach, but you are not serious or can not comprehend that, it also can not blame coach ah! ! So it has little to do with the Road Museum, the most important is that you intend to practice! ! Concerned persons are practicing every day, classes will be lazy mood of the people! !

You say good or bad?



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