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Arm bent 90 degrees, top weight and simple arm bent 90 degrees less than the hard top which is why

Western 662010-04-05 21:10:34 +0000 #1
talk theory
half6302010-04-05 21:20:26 +0000 #2
the ability to easily decompose the analysis.

90 degrees when the hand of the re- objects entirely supportive of the ulna and radius arm to provide, so small arm muscles do not force, and force is the brachii two muscles, pectoralis major, or back-up on the muscle groups such as the latissimus dorsi, oblique side muscle.

and greater than or less than the 90 reading time, ulna and radius do not provide all the supportive: When less than 90 degrees of lateral muscle from the forearm to provide additional supportive, heavy rain from the forearm of 90 degrees provided inside the muscle.

and small arm muscles, whether or muscle fiber length and brachial block size can not be two, compared with pectoralis major muscle and other large, so it with tired, even more difficult.



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