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Quick way of fighting exercise

Peijinghao12010-04-05 21:10:40 +0000 #1
I am a working man! Because physical bad! Often bullied by others! I ask in what ways can I practice at night and can be effective in the defense of my own way to do that! ! ! I am willing to work hard! ! The feeling of being bullied really want to cry! Knees and begged! Is best at night because the morning and afternoon a job!
tsdtz2010-04-05 21:17:36 +0000 #2
First, you'll improve their fitness. Dauntless gold can practice very vigorous. First of all, enough to ensure their strength. Then I suggest you find Sanda Training, the actual confrontation training. Not have to fight through practice. Learning the ropes of light can never be a fight expert.

Ready-style: feet shoulder width opening (or slightly wider than shoulder width), two toes forward upright, his hands hanging naturally at sides of body, eyes look straight, calm, natural breathing!

A Feng Qi:

hands fist, wrist and try to bend inward buckle, hands on the raised, elbow bent at about 120 degrees! At this point fist inward, fist eyes forward, head Baihui best on top, chin micro-adduction, knees slightly bent, sitting under the buttocks, thighs wrapped inside. Angry teeth. Start reverse abdominal breathing, abdominal or adductor inspiratory time, expiratory abdominal convex, while hard clenched fists clenched again to keep breathing keep state does not relax, breath and then force grip, so again, Fist grip tight every time!

Practice time Note: 1 head on the top, so Ojo uplift and the formation of the coccyx and down under the pull down on the earn; 2 2 wrist try to be deducted; 3, either side of elbow about the formation of the earned; 4 in the whole training process should always maintain tension earned; 5 reverse abdominal breathing should be slow absorption fine deep subject, not too fast too fast, or easily cause dizziness!

Practice when the subject of 12 breaths, 12 breaths after the restoration of preparation style!

This action practice it? Deducted from the inner bends of the wrist, which is three meridians to stimulate your hand, easy to blood more smoothly; repeated the fist clenched, this is a training force Famennian Yi Jin Jing, in fact, is the key to strengthening bones, gas penetration in the four can shoot out the strength training, this action is to strengthen the four shoot gas penetration; ask you about up and down on hard earned is Shenjin pull bones, also from rash blood; the other 100 at the top, sitting under the buttocks is Zhan Zhuang the basic requirements, so this move was a prelude to Zhan Zhuang.

2 Diamond moon:

both hands in front of body elevation, and shoulder-width apart, palms natural extension, fingers forward, palms down, start reverse abdominal breathing, exhale to relax, inhale when hands do reach, back at the same time earned before and after the formation of back arch, so a tight one song, 12 completed breath and resume preparation style!

Note: a back and try to arch backward, hand make every effort to reach, like a grasp of what we must seize the same;

2 deep, smoothing fine slow breath, exhale to relax, breathe in force;

3 hips and Yaokua not convex arch, toes grip.

This action is an obvious bone Shenjin pull action, in particular, to shoulder part of pulling, Zhan Zhuang some time you will have shoulder pain, the feeling of being separated, where the first training , you will save a lot of time Zhan Zhuang, the action can also be better to relax the shoulders, so that Chen Jian requirements.

3 Diamond push Hill:

dual lateral elevation, shoulder-, arm straight, fingers close together to set up palm palms start against the abdominal breathing , when the fingers do breath after Alice, palm with the best before the push, to maintain tension in the same breath. So repeatedly, each time forced to push both sides. 12 Respiratory complete resume ready style!

Training Note: a hands so hard about the formation of the earned; 2 lead Dazhui head up, caudal down to form up and down on the earned; 3, two arms and legs around the outside force , powerful adduction with Anjin form earned both inside and outside (This is key, powerful use Anjin)

palm upward into the hands of three others is the practice meridians, this and the first action within the wrist Echoing deduction, are also the same; Secondly, this exercise is the action of pulling and shoulder; There is also a very important thing is that pubic adduction, the role of what is it? Is "Lianqi Such is Life" one of the methods, Lianqi Such is Life is the interior strength of gas into the core, so there should be little reflection.

4 Diamond fearless:

two-handed fist body before the cross, angry teeth clenched fist when the breath, closing down the neck,, forced to tighten the muscles, smoking Micro gas when the body relax, exhale forcefully, so 12 completed!

Note: 1 arms clamping Liang Lei; 2 soft underbelly of force on both sides taut; 3 abdomen levator ani; 4 joints tightly closing pressure, Qi Xiangdan field force; 5 pubes with Anjin out (in all directions, three-dimensional orientation) diffusion force, and earned both inside and outside the body the formation of shrinkage!

The body to tighten the relaxation, over and over, so that active systemic blood. An old saying: one of a relaxation, civil and military prudence. What does it mean? Set to a loose fist is inside a tight, is the case. Fearless is so tight after the first song, a song for a tight, tight immediately feel loose, then tight a tight song finished as soon deeper feelings out there, this is the fearless unique charm.


loose pile through this is the most important part of the matter, but in front of the four movements is also important, especially martial, that is, combat has a very significant role and help, but there do not speak, after the talk, short practice time to practice before the first four movements, each movement to do 12 breathing, done a little activity after the click, you can pass immediately to practice loose pile.

Song through piles style boxing in the pile, also known as The Promise, The Promise, but the essence is not for beginners will be able to experience Santianliangtou out, practiced for a long time anyway, and naturally experience out here, Let us first termed pile for the loose pass it! Remember, all the effort within the family have to stop this post, I hope everyone's attention and trapped in the twelfth!

Feet parallel to the separation, shoulder width, the body's natural stand, loose spine straight, the first micro-, on top, chin in close, his arms drooping naturally in the body sides, palms inward, palm to the next, Kouqing closed tongue touching the palate, eyes Wei Bi, 10 toe grip, Zuxin including air, legs peg-leg, grabbing buttocks loose hips, loose abdominal Han Xiong, Chen Jian fall elbow, the major body joints to relax from top to bottom, not to make a stiff, and to note that the joints between the sheets to be a loose state, not the soft collapse, mental focus, relax the body, to call snorting nose, breathing naturally, eliminate distracting thoughts, ideas and specific, so that within the gas filling, natural gas flow term systemic week, and to the unity of the body within the Department.

According to the above essentials posed, and continue to adjust, always, there are for this purpose.

NOTE points:

a loose and hard, try to relax, but not unremitting, how to understand? Whole body relaxed, but share the whole body strength. That is, slightly close look at the body bones. Really do not understand, as long as the toes grip, head 100 at the top, chin slightly intake on it;

2 in the points in the process of thinking always run hair, lack of concentration, it not, to Within the other hand, as always, and continue to check these essentials memorized posture; some people to relax, or thinking of a disorder, body posture on the deformation, not the teacher how to do next? Then back down to essentials, and constantly repeated examination, not to posture deformation;

3 the first four moves of 12 breathing about 15 minutes, and then Zhanzhuang to stand a little longer as far as possible, first, may only station 10 minutes or 15 minutes, but continue to progress, gradually increased to one hour for the right side;

4 Chen Jian scapula when thinking about that piece of sinking, the same as the two lead weights, stand a few days, particularly the shoulder There will be a sore shoulder blade, is a good sign, should continue to adhere to;

5 under physical conditions, some people may 5 minutes or so feet began to shake up and down, some people may start 15 minutes before shaking, this is a good sign, is the body gas machine active, yin and yang balance of the beginning;

6 Zhan Zhuang long time, the whole body, fever, body parts of Jieyou gas sense is a good sign, we must stick to it.

Q: How long a day to practice?

A: The fearless four action had finished, the song through piles should stand 1 hour. At first you can start from 10 minutes to gradually extend the time, in fact, when you can hold on for half an hour later, the body will feel very comfortable, the more stations will be more they want to stop, this time to go with the flow. Started only when the station 10 minutes, preferably 2 to 3 times a day training, to stand for an hour, you can only stop once, but the more the better.

Q: What got to the next level of success to practice law?

A: The song through piles effort to stand out, and to the next. At first, a combination of plate and sheet iron horse pile pile with practice, to practice a song after James Shen, to be rounded pile of training. Shen Jin Song is the whole body loose and hard to really relax, and can do, "Shen Dan Tian Qi", which is truly Shen Jin, sink to the Dan Tian, the roots are sunk, others push you do not move, there would be a rebound, this time is the Shen Jin out.

Q: how do breathe? Ideas how to do?

A: The natural breathing, or simply never mind breathe, forget it, simply do not go of it; the best idea is to contrast within the visual, the spirit of the ideas are inwards income received inside the body and not to run to God , and so easy to consume, what does that mean? Also looking in the eyes, ears to listen inwards, nose mind are put to the body, so constantly adjusted on the line!
Busy ball in egg pain2010-04-05 21:47:04 +0000 #3
want to hit people must learn to take a beating, ah Oh, get used to suffer
pulsator Canada2010-04-05 21:56:30 +0000 #4
my space with detailed fighting technique, you take a look and see what suits you and, if doubt, consult me again, I am so many years, it can be considered a fight expert. Others have said I singled Wang



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