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Anti-boxing were empty-handed with the Jeet Kune Do Judo Wing Chun Muay Thai Sanshou

4631076442010-04-05 23:10:26 +0000 #1
If you were empty-handed with the Jeet Kune Do Judo Wing Chun Muay Thai Sanshou What happens? ? ?
playing Baby Bear2010-04-05 23:18:26 +0000 #2
I think you all missed the point: the rules.

Everyone's talking about no right or wrong, nor the level of the debate, the benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom, but I think the total lack of any practical significance, win Ye Hao, win or lose, it depends on the most critical rules of the game!

In fact, all listed above, in addition to judo are all standing outside of fighting, that is, after one fall, the other party to stop the attack, waiting for the referee password. The judo, wrestling and sumo wrestling is also somewhat different, ordered Works which are not allowed to ground wrestling attacks, so it be standing fighting.

Besides the venue, the Olympic wrestling competition where the standard is to draw a circle, in addition to pressure to 5 seconds, the rules, the player shall be lost out of Space; while other fighting game category is used for ropes, is standing rules the basic principles of fighting style, which is more close to commercialization.

Another most important point is how the final outcome of the standards defined. If only the spirit of the Olympic spirit, to demonstrate their purpose, ultimately points to win, then karate and taekwondo kicking random kick is the obvious advantage, because even lost if the focus fell on the ground will not be too much penalty; but If the rules allow the involvement of KO, it will be the only solution is undoubtedly the world of Muay Thai and Sanda, and then lord it over, because it is very simple hand games are close Muay Thai knee attack, punch, and they are all down as the ultimate goal , and the targets are each other's head, that you can see the previous confrontation in Muay Thai hand movements, and this kind of movement lining up behind the film's true intentions.

The Chinese Sanda's wrestling, even Needless to say, or you go ask your Muay Thai king Gebang.

There I want to indicate that, regardless of how the rules, there is a basic premise of: Both sides of the body weight should be the same level, otherwise the level of Muay Thai for a 45KG hand to fight a 100KG level of sumo wrestlers, that joke may open big. Of course, I referred to here are also in male athletes.

Finally, I add that, if the game's stakes related to both life and death, let the players take off all the protective gear and boxing gloves, go to the United States, cage fighting or to Italy for the Roman gladiatorial combat, in which case, the final victory negative balance of direction and a variable game becomes bigger.

Above is my analysis, hope you respect them for reference!
Zhejiang Black Lion2010-04-05 23:46:59 +0000 #3
What you OK? Learn so much, you have to grasp the essence of these martial arts .. I ask: What you OK?
Basketball Three Musketeers2010-04-06 00:20:51 +0000 #4
Jeet Kune Do



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