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On the Korean martial arts school

Spark lore2010-04-06 18:10:50 +0000 #1
sent from South Korea, and Tae Kwon Do is different from Tae Kwon Do is for the purpose of defense and physical fitness, I saw on TV seems to be called a kind of martial arts schools two punch Road, tactics more brutal. What is the use of acupuncture points and the tendons and damage the enemy, who knows more details it?

Thank you
good technique for people2010-04-06 18:23:36 +0000 #2
first correct ... is ... Korean Aikido Aikido Aikido be a genre ... Aikido originated in the Japanese air are pushed together Jitsu ... Cui Shu-year-old work brought to Japan by the Japanese army and was later adopted Takeda neglected corner ... have the opportunity to learn a large river flows combined gas Jiu-Jitsu ... After returning home (1951) to establish joint air soft Korea to teach martial arts dojo co-air-Jitsu. As the post-war style of martial arts very popular, aggressive martial art found at this time soon, so he's legs into the Tae Kwon Do and boxing skills ... some of boxing ... in 1963 to complete this system, named Aikido ... from The Korean and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido Japan Aikido in different routes to develop. Compared with Japanese aikido in common: the focus is to destroy opponents to joint technology, technology-based wrestling. Different: it blows into the technology ... the same as the number of Japanese Aikido Aikido are very different than, Korean Aikido great emphasis on leg lifts, very Unyielding, compared to Japanese Aikido Aikido is not clear relatively soft ... Korean, Japanese Aikido no competition, no contest of ideas and people. It is not destructive martial arts, it is a workout with others, and to the cultivation of a creative martial arts ... both Japan and Korea, Aikido has one thing in common, that is not routine, it is a flexible Japanese martial arts ... I like the idea of Aikido martial arts, peace, not war, and the Korean Aikido is very stiff, not too conspicuous, "co-gas" the essence of the word, I do not really suitable for Korean Aikido, many girls also Japanese Aikido practice, because Japanese Aikido Martial closer and more able to self-cultivation ... (I am a better understanding of Japanese Aikido, Aikido, after all, the Forefathers, there is a "joint air," the word the real set, if the answers are not satisfied, please explain)
18_sorrentino2010-04-06 18:38:26 +0000 #3
Korean Aikido ......

known as one of South Korea's three major self-defense

is derived from a Japanese Aikido Martial Arts

river flows Cui Shu-founder of a child in World War II Japanese occupation of the Korean Peninsula, and taken to Aikido teacher Fanwutianzong corner home made servants to learn Aikido

After the Second World War he returned to South Korea began to teach Aikido and joined the contrary Aikido Techniques

after the nature of the fight against it and the orthodox aikido Korean Japanese aikido in two very different routes to develop those techniques also looks


nature looks better with the traditional capture is a concept



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