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Chinese martial arts like boxing series-type double-Tiger Crane Fist decomposition type action

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tiger crane double form of boxing, is a martial created by Lam Sai Wing. As the type of non-boxing series, but Nanquan series. The boxing is characterized on the basis of the Guangdong Nanquan mimic animal forms, whichever is the tiger fist crane fist and made some moves, eds. The boxing action compact, momentum built up in vigorous, full of momentum. Tiger Crane Double Form Boxing offensive and defensive flexibility. Attack, whichever is the tiger strong, vigorous and mighty; defense, flexible, flexible crane represents the spirit of speed. Tiger Crane Double Form boxers form a fist, palm, saying, claws, hooks, means there throwing, hanging, hit, interpolation, step a lunge, horse, false step, independent step further and unicorn and so on, step stress roots, physique oriented upright modesty. Once Upon a proxy for the boxing

tiger crane double fist, divided into 10 paragraphs, 80 moves. Drill up and speed required combination of high and low walls, undulating, Comparative Study and Integration, a distinct rhythm.



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