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To how to control their own kind of power

asd29228172010-04-06 19:12:12 +0000 #1
I usually little effort to not, even the most diminutive of all version of the class, but he, but when I am angry, I actually could it have won the class of height and strength of my people, head hit the bloodshed, although my nose was bleeding a hit, but I really doubt the power of angry when I own you
_dota11_2010-04-06 19:13:55 +0000 #2
anger may increase the secretion of adrenaline, power will increase , but generally will not happen, at least not always happen -

way to improve strength training, you can find a small sandbag exercises, or buy the grip strength exercises wrist and Zhang Li, the regular running and doing push-ups like, the power will naturally increase

listen to you describe your problem does not seem so good with the exercise - so you will find that after more powerful than their peers
Martial infinite2010-04-06 19:34:25 +0000 #3
power is controlled by breathing . Carefully to understand it. Ha ha



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