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Martial Arts Fighting to control the middle?

DTT_MOON2010-04-06 19:12:19 +0000 #1
Usually I and a martial arts enthusiasts demonstrate their now flashing understand at least some of Wing Chun's techniques, but the one playing aggressive attacking style would feel a rush, hard muscle relaxation. Especially on the center line of the play, but difficult to grasp, and his punching Dabu Zhao others from the midline, but other midline our hands while boxing in the disk to be overwhelmed.

Hope that the skilled are over to help, thank you. ^ _ ^
Martial Arts infinite2010-04-06 19:17:20 +0000 #2
lies in the footwork, feet first rush

If you both are old-fashioned square table to seat eight people, the first step foot on the table centered on the comparative advantage of people.

And then the knee to be won, to do with positive pressure slope.

Then the body, to me along the enemy back. Their own hands should always in the line have to dial the other person's hand side, let him away from the midline.

Hand the main is to keep or raise elbow forearm. After starting to get a foot or hand after the half inch elbow.

Not hit anyone, explain their feet too far away from each other midline. You are overwhelmed with both hands to show that you do not know where the interception of their better position.
Honglang12112010-04-06 19:53:37 +0000 #3
Although I do not know Wing Chun, but based on experience, your current situation, state your distance control on the right, in the boxing martial arts hit nearly war-inch main, can not copy the current movement away from fighting.

Why Martial Arts to talk about hand on hand. It was this that made power from the strength test is the most convenient.

They stand face to face, before a step, or were three standing.

If your words of similar height, front foot will be offset or parallel.

Hand, about 120 degrees in the crank case, take the other side of the wrist.

And then you see the distance between you now is to take a reasonable distance.

You can go back to test.
Agato2010-04-06 20:05:04 +0000 #4

I have gone through

This is because not enough effort under

did not realize the importance of bone Shenjin pull

From the Wing Chun itself, it's not a fist fight is a basic deviation fist, we all understand it to go middle, but the process of training must not relax

Shenjin stretch pull bone was opened, the power to run through the body easier invincible

The other is to go Transfer the noodles from the midline is not to attack and resolve, but to find each other's center of gravity, along the tangent shocked with the high torque dial out or gently break out, the greater your opponents the more difficult moment, which is too brains where



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