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Many people say that WWE is fake then they fight when fighting is so realistic; physical contact wit

zhengbin11112010-04-06 20:11:38 +0000 #1

Why what2010-04-06 20:16:16 +0000 #2
they are professionally trained, the training body quality, have performed their documentary is based on the details begin to discuss a good fight. Able to withstand severe impact, but because of physical or under the plot, but most people can not afford
qwe81242010-04-06 20:27:02 +0000 #3
false. There training.
Whispering M0 Deviation2010-04-06 20:45:08 +0000 #4
people are after long training, so relentlessly gorgeous looks, there is no danger of big kids do not imitate ---



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