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To find a chef who really knows Wing Chun

Yangzi04202010-04-06 20:12:09 +0000 #1
childhood love of Chinese martial arts, should be subject to the impact of the film, I sport a good quality, is to practice the men's 110 meter hurdles, the biggest advantage is that soft body, the Chinese foreign Taekwondo Tai Chi martial art of boxing there are a number of little understanding, but favorite is Wing Chun, Wing Chun I like the speed of response, this is the benevolent fist of the essentials. I am of Hebei Province, Guangzhou, coach hope to be because too many things, not to go and, I hope to get to know a good teacher, do not know Do not disturb, not to send me some videos to 忽悠.
Small months Egg2010-04-06 20:23:23 +0000 #2
Oh, and I was learning Wing Chun, but I suggest you, if you want to learn Wing Chun, Wing Chun first understand more things, you know? Wing Chun has many tributaries, but also partial body Masachika play and play, Guangzhou, Foshan is Masachika play (mainly frontal assault) and Heshan ancient Ryazan labor is home (I am also Heshan) they play is biased Wing Chun body because it was relatively thin and weak positive Ryazan apprentice can not attack, so his later years in his home study, sideways offensive play, and only 12-style casual hand, two of the demolition practices, instead of Guangzhou, Foshan and they have other the routine, so partial body Wing Chun has some superiority to the weak strong fight, but in Guangzhou, Foshan Wing Chun is dominated by Tough, but I can tell you that Wing Chun partial body right and wrong in our home does not pass the pro- You can hardly even see the bias in Guangzhou Wing Chun body figure, most of the play are Masachika play, but no matter what side of the body, or the seating arrangement, as long as you are willing to practice martial arts are good, I like a lot of Guangzhou Master Wing Chun is also communicated, I think you can find what Li Zhao Hua, after all, I think he is to be believed, the elderly experience a good, basic charge is to eat the money! Of course, the skill system is absolutely good, I assure you to try the next one, I met with him once, but he's really learned a lot of things! Guangzhou Wing Chun master too much, and the forum is not your thing I say I say you, and sometimes confusing people, so many chefs I think Li Zhao Hua good, because he would not put money into something traditional to measure, I wish you success!
80 million imperial guards coach2010-04-06 20:43:27 +0000 #3
find Wei Feng



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