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Basic training in basic skills of Taekwondo

sangrjie2010-04-06 21:10:31 +0000 #1

Drainage n River2010-04-06 21:14:09 +0000 #2
day of the following three groups better than

1, lumbar abdominal strength training.

Sit-ups: one person, lying on the ground, knees bent, feet off the ground, hands on his chest, waist forced to head touching knees. A group of 40 consecutive on a lot.

2, push-ups.

Arms slightly separated shoulder to shoulder width, punch surface bottom. A group of about 30. 3, arm strength

former flat hands in the air quickly moves to relax grip 200.


squat leg exercises before the kick.

Do Dunqi the same time in up to do before the kick, the first from the left leg, the second right leg. The so-called pre-kick that: Knee, kick, the legs, a set of ground motion.
Black Belt is not Suansha2010-04-06 21:42:22 +0000 #3
this to you to learn the extent of the

If you are beginner, just started the training volume is not so great, will be gradual.

First, warm up, basic there, tuck jumps, single leg and knee, squat jump, leap frog, duck-step, or are running, the training ground to the size of the basis set, and each place is different These words may be a slight bias, but are much the same.

Warm-up after leg pressing is necessary, and flexibility for the taekwondo trainer is extremely important because it determines the use of leg. Strength not so much the beginning, after all, you are a beginner. The first half, light amplitude can, pull the ligament.

As for the basics, how much will be different from, and this should be based on coach's personal thoughts. Some began learning from the raised knee, as Tae Kwon Do to all the leg and knee should be premised. Some coaches will first begin to teach Taekwondo spirit, not the same.

Now to answer you this, just let you have a preliminary understanding, so you really start training for a certain time, you probably understand.

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