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Yin and yang palm of practice methods and training methods of its internal forces, please teach

Huhaidong19932010-04-06 21:11:18 +0000 #1
Yin Yang fortune of practice methods and training methods of their internal forces to be more, please teach

I know that kindness is not made part of Xie!
cui1yi22010-04-06 21:16:08 +0000 #2
[Edit this paragraph] practice elements of support

① sit cross-legged on the seat, his hands in front, middle finger slightly to the tip of the nose. Mandibular micro-income, Baihui, pubic region, perineum a line, light eyes drooping closed, tongue touching the upper palate. Imagine the sky with clouds as thin as cicada's wings, slowly drop into the Baihui; slowly out to the perineum, with an aggregate of (perineal laxity but this time, I have put on the perineum, 100 at the top), the drop may flake material, soft soft. Into Baihui is refreshing, to eye the curtain down, to the nose is clear, to the neck were swelling (such as the throat huge object), will sink bridge until you come to the broad chest to the navel belly warm, warm to the hand, foot and heart also. Natural breathing. Not pursuing effect. Repeat this 3 times.

② alchemy

relax after the body comfortable and meditation formulas: "No one thought of Health, a study of wonders; Ru and the natural, harmonious whole." To understand the experience of this environment, we expected has been the object of its own, integrated with the world, high into the static ; even if the idea is too bland. So repeatedly. Tired feet can change. More than 30 minutes per practice. The long, over the body relaxing, peaceful and floating in a celestial sense, consciously aware of this non-physical existence, but Dan Tian Ying Ying warm, infuriating adduction with formula, then success will come to Onari navel.

③ qi

sit Ibid, exposure to burning incense before the last couple of columns one to three meters, feet half-pregnant pre-heated (about 22). Vertical left palm chest, a slight bend the middle finger means, such as dissemination Beige. Right to deduct cup palm Do not vent complex, we called one of the Yin Yang 1. Formulas to meditation, gently suggesting weak attempt is like a rock. Long, these two things scattered palm fever, and the pubic region of interpenetrating air, right in the cup of water to the gas laminated so that heat expansion trend fried. Tired is for left hand. Training 30 minutes. [Note] This three-step exercises is consistent one. Heat, also need training for more than thirty minutes. Receive power when the pharyngeal-chun, gas owned by Dan Tian, you can trot activities. Practice time when emotions calm, go with the seasons. Lightning storm when the ban on practice time.

Bamboo Crane2010-04-06 21:36:45 +0000 #3
sand palm is hard qigong. Cinnabar palm is soft qigong.
Ice Tsang Dream2010-04-06 21:47:28 +0000 #4
sand palm to use external qigong (that is, hard qigong)

cinnabar palm use in qigong (that is, soft qigong)
West on the eve of the King2010-04-06 21:40:28 +0000 #5
This is the authentic Shaolin kung fu is only the.



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