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Who is Tae Kwon Do, karate complete video tutorial skills of ...

IFyouone2010-04-06 21:11:54 +0000 #1
to the point of complete,,, thank you .. the more the better.

31456732010-04-06 21:16:00 +0000 #2
Taekwondo ri's side kick, although the use of the actual use of them may be more heel,

but in daily practice, Women and product potential in the process of practice we were still Zu knife Wei Zhu, I think that Ce can be played practice Zhu Yao divided into the following steps:

1: feeling foot knife, knife foot outside of both feet, for beginners, may find enough to do up knives rather strange feeling at first, we can stand on your feet shoulder width , and then exert oneself to raise their feet on the inside to the outside feet touch the ground, repeated several times to feel full knife.

2: feeling side kick, side kick and the cross-kick not the same, horizontal stress is the big leg kick clamping, turning across, namely, snap side kick is not the case, in order to make beginners feel better side kick, first of all we side on the ground, such as head propped or left hand, the left side of the body touch the ground, right in the last, then we keep the left leg and body line, the maximum income right leg tight, it feels like to be close to the arms the same, but the body should be upright, waist to hold on, legs have to work knife-like, and then mainly thigh force, and will be forced kicking leg straight, kick, when needed wriggled to assist force, and upper left back twist. With the improvement in the level set, you can gradually increase the angle of the right leg with the ground 3: auxiliary exercises, such as exercise his right leg, the left hand held onto the waist height or shoulder height of a fixed object, repeatedly do kick, the leg exercises to practice when I remember to be sent across, get to use feet when the supporting leg spin, you can twist the upper body with force, and addition need to control the leg exercises, controlled leg position as shown above, not to kick high and lay down the body, beginners should first master the development effort and technical points, not to indulge in the demand high, the body center of gravity need to master. 4: Empty leg kick and target practice, the general trend in the goods need to use the full blade side kick, while the actual application is to use the heel, so when the general practice in the air strike is kicking foot knife, hit dad practice is Practice heel, the practice of any technology is a process of qualitative change induced quantitative, number up, and your own will become more familiar with this technique, the use of them will naturally handy.

These are just some text description, inevitably there is not strength of the Department, All are welcome to add and map to Xiangjie

Let me say I played some of the feelings it

contralateral side kick, even if we did not practiced Tae Kwon Do, but also This leg will be very familiar with the front leg side kick almost since Bruce Lee's signature move (I was so think of), along with his out "ah fight", a note on the front leg side kick step, then target flying away, he thumbs a Mobi Zi, simply handsome spent, after fully mastering side kick did Weili great, especially on the step side kick, can use good words for all their kinetic energy to the Na Zhi Guan feet in a fatal kick to the other party, it is noteworthy that the last step side kick, kick the opportunity to grasp, is not too early, not late kick can not kick the other leg leg mounted directly to the target, can not touch the target in the tread, must be in contact soon tread the moment, in order to kick your own power and the superposition of kinetic energy more efficiently.
GZSHL2010-04-06 21:42:45 +0000 #3
not complete.

Although I have karate books. But I do not know pass?

Baidu Screen to find Russian karate (one of which is to teach you leg movements ")



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