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First time writing a book, a concept that can order up a mess do not know what the outline first set

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First write your main content text, write the main content of each chapter.

Then be written for the hero

full text reference: general content of the book has chapters written

the first chapter, Peach Blossom

"I" and Mei Xian, military training to return. Yat-Sen Hall, peach glamorous. A strange dream, a metaphor luck with the opposite sex. Red fox bizarre loss, lead to a beautiful red dress sisters.


Needing tomb featuring two sad situation but can not speak. Premeditated and prophets, guided the brothers into the millennium tombs. Years of speculation, we know the origins of ancient tombs, and is a thousand years of magic ice cave. Dong Hu leader, ice burial, sacrificial victims treasures, 9 pterosaurs, amazing.

Chapter III, Revenge of the Mirror

My father died suddenly strange, two brothers bitterly. Second Ye Tan tomb, the vastness, King Tang Yao Chi, a fairy paradise practice. Monk passed away millennium, the hidden moon Hokyo; relic, the outer asteroid, astrology and Buddhism for the Associated help, one by one to set "Seven Stars Big Dipper Array" to relic Scripture spell, penetration of mystery.

Or the content creators up:

1856 of those hurricanes - the air Shout - The tornado swept away the balloons - balloon burst - I saw the sea 1 - 5 passengers - in place of suspended blue things - the sky coast - the tragic end of the

hero information: Shi Biaotou (Fuzhou, Future Waves Escort Young Master) died Qingcheng 【】

Lin Ping destroy heart of palm (Fuzhou, Future Waves Escort few owners, Lin Zhennan only child later switched to the Mountain Pine Yue Buqun Ha, married Yue Lingshan wife, were injured by Mu Gaofeng venom and blind, he returned to Zuoleng Chan under its command, and finally was imprisoned at the end of the Meizhuang West Lake Chamber of Secrets)

Linghu Chong Zheng dart Head (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Young Master) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

White 2 (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Tang Zishou) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

Chen Qi (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort times Handball) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

Lao Chai: (Fuzhou suburbs pub owner)

Radno "Sa old man" (Songshan Mountain Pine School Zuoleng Chan sent the undercover agent, thanks to the Yue Buqun Ha )

Yue Lingshan "Sawan children" (Mountain Pine Yue Buqun with Ning in the single women, married to Lin Ping, after the wife) killed】 【been made Lin

Yuren Yan (Sichuan Qingcheng head, loose View of the main concept of Feng Yu Canghai son) killed】 【was

Jia Lin Ping of people reached (Qingcheng Yucang Hai disciples) 【is Lin Ping them with horseshoe Tasi】

Lin Zhennan (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort third-generation descendant, Lin level of the father) died】 【abuse by Yu Canghai

Yu Canghai (Sichuan Qingcheng head, Yu Renyan father, Lin coveted because the "evil traces the" sub-complex of revenge for the killing, the Future Waves Escort Daughter) 【 The killed by Lin Ping】

Ms. Wang (Luoyang Jin Daomen Wang Yuanba daughter, Lin Zhennan wife, Lin Ping's mother) Column sati】 【touch

Zhu Biaotou (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Young Master) 【dead palm hearts in Qingcheng destroy】

Lin Yuan Yuan transition plan 『』 (formerly Fujian Putian Shaolin monk, Zen Master leaves his disciples, to flee after the creation Future Waves Escort, with 70 Èr "evil swordsmanship" Megatron rivers and lakes)

Cui Biaotou (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Biaoshi) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

Season Young Master (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Biaoshi) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

Wang Yuanba 『golden sword Invincible 』(Luoyang Jin Daomen head, the father of Mrs. Wang, Lin Ping the grandfather)

Rich Young Master: (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Biaoshi) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

money Young Master: (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Biaoshi) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

Wu Biaotou: (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Biaoshi) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

High Young Master: (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort dart division) 【died Qingcheng destroy heart palm】

Chu Biaotou: (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Biaoshi) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

Wong (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort accountant) as Lin Ying Ying

F: (Fuzhou Future Waves bodyguard butler) 【died of heart Qingcheng destroy palm】

Di Biaotou (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Biaoshi)

Chinese master: (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort cook) 【died Qingcheng destroy heart palm】

Huobiao Tou: (Fuzhou Future Waves Escort Biao Shi, post-mortem examination by Lin Zhennan injury) died Qingcheng 【】

Liu Biaotou destroy heart palm: (Future Waves Escort Hangzhou Branch moderator)

Yi Young Master (Nanchang, Jiangxi Branch hosts Future Waves Escort)

in the four-person show high 』『 Qingcheng ter (Qingcheng Yu Canghai four disciples of 3)

Fang Renzhi (Qingcheng Yu Canghai disciple) Lin Ping 【was stabbed in the skin between the eyebrows to die】

Shige: (Qingcheng, the eradication of Future Waves Escort Nanchang Branch)

Yoshihito through (Qingcheng, the eradication of Future Waves Escort Changsha Branch)

Shenren Jun (Qingcheng, the eradication of Future Waves Escort Changsha Branch)

Liu Zhengfeng 』『 Liu Sanye (Hengshan School, love of music, good Chuixiao, due to make God of quyang but quit that sun and moon, in cooperation with "laugh Ao Jiang Hu "in the song) 【was Ding Mian, Lu Bo Zhang Li concussion, and quyang died since the meridians must】

Jiang Shi Ge: (Qingcheng, the eradication of Future Waves Escort Guangzhou Branch)

Ma Shi Ge: (Qingcheng , elimination of Future Waves Escort Hangzhou Branch)

a great night rain 』『 Xiaoxiang (Hengshan School head, good at drawing huqin so thin edged sword)

Pang brother (a teahouse patrons to observe the Hengshan Town, gray beard)

Wanger Shu ( Hengshan Town in a teahouse patrons to observe)

Liang (Mountain Pine Yue Buqun three disciples) 【Yao Wangmiao black people were beheaded】

Shi Dai Son (Mountain Pine Yue Buqun four disciples)

Kogan Ming (Mountain Pine Yue no group of five disciples)

Lu Dayou 』『 six monkeys (Mountain Pine Yue Buqun six disciples, close relationship with Linghu Chong) 【】

Linghu Chong killed by Radno "Second Wind", "Wu Tiande "(Mountain Pine Yue Buqun great disciple, studied under granduncle Feng Qingyang Service Learning" Magic Power "to find friends and Ren Yingying, the latter married Ren Yingying wife)

Yue Buqun』 『Gentleman Sword (Mountain Pine head, ning of the brothers and her husband, Yue Lingshan father, framed Linghu Chong "evil traces the" real steal secretly practicing their own, after the defeat Zuoleng Chan Songshan Fengshan Taiwan, when the head of Mount Jianpai) 【was Yilin Hou Renying kill】 『
』 Qingcheng one of four shows (Qingcheng Yu Canghai one of the four disciples)

Hong Renxiong show 』『 Qingcheng 4 bis (Qingcheng Yu Canghai four disciples of 2)

Luo Renjie Qingcheng 4 shows the four 『』 (Qingcheng Yu Canghai four disciples of 4) 【】

Evergreen killed by Linghu Chong Son: First 』『 Three west of swordsmanship (Qingcheng former head, I sea Master)

Lin Zhongxiong: (Future Waves Escort Lin Yuan Chart son, Lin Zhennan father, Lin Ping the grandfather)

Ho March 7 (Zhejiang Yandang, a living selling ravioli)

Ding Yi Heng Sanding 』『 ter ( Hengshan School Baiyun An An Zhu, head of fixed leisure, will be no return Jing, Yi Lin Master) 【at the Shaolin Temple was killed Yue Buqun to lily】

Yi Lin (Hengshan School, Ding Yi disciples, do not quit with the dumb mother-only child monk )

Miriam light (Hengshan School, Yi Lin sisters, Linghu Chong Hua became head of the pre-assigned to collusion in the daughter-Yi-Wen who))

Tin Song Road Flyover (Taishan Pai, head of the day were The Young doorways, in Hengshan Town Back to Goose House by Tian Boguang stabbed)

Tian Boguang 』『 miles lone, Thou shalt not do not quit 』(flowers robber, and Linghu Chong friendship is not simple, then as a teacher thanks to Yi Lin)

to the Danian (Hengshan send Liu Zhengfeng disciples, m righteous brothers) were Ding Mian 【】

m with needles to kill the righteous (Hengshan send Liu Zhengfeng disciples, to the Danian The Young)

Tin Yue people (Taishan Pai head) 【Songshan Sealing a thrust stage, meridians, and Qinghai an owl die】

Liren Hong (Qingcheng Yu Canghai disciple)

late 100 City (Taishan Pai days doorways were disciples) 【】

be killed by Tianbo Guang Heng Sanding 』『 static one (Hengshan School, will be busy , Ding Yi and sisters) 【been sent to Fujian Nianba Songshan shop busy plot set to die】 『
』 Hengshan Sanding bis (Hengshan School head, static set no return, Ding Yi and sisters, dying in charge ordered Linghu Chong Heng Pine) 【in Shaolin Temple was killed Yue Buqun to lily smell】

Mr. (Southern people, so Panguan Bi)

unassailable master 』『 when the world No. 1 (Sun Moon Sect leader, from the Palace to practice "holy canon ", favor Yang Lianting) 【was the wind took his sword and Linghu Chong Guan Xiong kill】

Mu Gaofeng『 』【Saibei Mingtuo killed by Lin Ping】

Song of non-tobacco (quyang granddaughter) 【was Songshan School FEI bin】

do not quit killing monk (Yi Lin father, dumb-law husband)

quyang (Sun Moon Sect elders, love of music, good playing, and Liu Zhengfeng make cooperation "Swordsman" the song) 【 by Ding Mian, Lu Bo Zhang Li concussion, and Liu Zhengfeng self must die】

FEI bin meridians large Songyang hand 』『 (Songshan School, Zuo Lengchan four junior in the sector, "Songshan Thirteen," one of the non-killing song smoke) is a great kill】 【
Tao Jun (Mountain Pine, Yue Buqun seven disciples)

British White Lo (Mountain Pine, Yue Buqun eight disciples) 【Sunningdale Lane in Fuzhou Yuebu Qun Lin Jiazu killed outside home 】

Ning in the women 』『 Huashan Yu (Mountain Pine, Yue Buqun no return and his wife, the mother of Yue Lingshan) 【chest with a dagger, stabbed to death】

Zhang Jin Ao (Gaibang Deputy main fact, one of Liu Zhengfeng quit that Heke )

Summer Laoquan Shi (Zhengzhou Liuhe door head, Liu Zhengfeng Heke quit that one)

Fe are appearing (Sichuan, Hubei Three Gorges Goddess Peak, Liu Zhengfeng Heke quit that one)

Steven Hou (East Haihai Sha help owners He Ke Liu Zhengfeng quit that one)

Hornbeck 』『 Shen Dao, Jiang Eryou 』『 one song (and Luxi Si collectively, the "song Jianger You", one of Liu Zhengfeng quit that Heke)

Luxi Si 『God document 』,『 』Qu Jiang Eryou one (and Hornbeck collectively, the" song Jianger You ", one of Liu Zhengfeng quit that Heke

Da man (Recommended Liu Zhengfeng as the reference to one, took the imperial edict)

Fang 1000 colt (Hengshan School)

Zuoleng Chan (Songshan School head, the saying Jianpai chief and after Yue Buqun Cixia eyes) 【in Huashan Si die of suicide than Hongyashan hole】 『little knowledge

Shideng Da Song 』(disciples of Songshan School Zuoleng Chan) 【in Songshan Fengshan killed on stage by Zuoleng Chan】

Liu Jing (Liu Zhengfeng daughter) killed】 【is 10000

10000 Ohira Ohira (Songshan School, Shi Dengda The Young)

Ms. Liu (Liu Zhengfeng wife) killed】 【was Di Revised

Ding Mian hand 』『 Tota (Songshan School Zuoleng Chan 2 junior in the sector, "Songshan Thirteen" is one)

Lu Bo hand 』『 Crane (left Songshan School Cold Zen 3 The Young, "Songshan Thirteen" is one)

Di repair (Songshan School Zuoleng Chan Disciples) 【in Songshan Fengshan killed on stage by Zuoleng Chan】

Liugong Zi (Liu Zhengfeng eldest son) 【killed by Di repair Death】

Liu Qin (Liu Zhengfeng son)

Shu Qi (Mountain Pine Yue Buqun disciples, with the most immature)

Feng Qingyang (Mountain Pine Jianzong successor, Yuebu Qun Shi Shu, grant Linghu Chong "Magic Power" )

in the Lao Quanshi: (Jiangxi) 【God of Sun and Moon over the door was nailed to a tree and died】

Zhao Dengkui: (Shandong Jinan government Dragon knife head, married daughter feast on the Church of attack by Sun and Moon)

Ji Shi Shu: (Taishan Pai, Zhao Dengkui daughter to marry one of the guests, ripped off an arm)

Sun Shishu: (Songshan School, Sun Moon Sect has been cut out to eyes, hands and feet were cut off)

bum song: Ghost 』『 strong (Sun and Moon 10 Presbyterian Church of Mountain one attack, so that ax, had broken Hengshan School swordsmanship)

Zhaohe: Flying Ghost 『』 (Sun and Moon Mountain 10 Presbyterian Church of attack, one block to Lei Chen, who broke Hengshan School swordsmanship )

Zhang by saying: Ghost 』『 White Ape (Sun and Moon Mountain 10 Presbyterian Church of attack, one of the younger brother of Zhang wind, so familiar Tong Gun, has broken Huashan School swordsmanship)

Zhang Adventure: 『Golden Monkey Ghost 』(Sun and Moon Mountain 10 Presbyterian Church of attack, one of the brother of Zhang by cloud, so that cooked Tong Gun, has broken Huashan School swordsmanship)

uncontested top dog: (" Magic Power "originator)

Seal injustice (Huashan School "Jianzong" transmission, to not worry brothers, and Yue Buqun compete head of the bit)

peach root cents 』『 Taoguliuxian one

Peach dry cents Taoguliuxian 』『 『of two

Tao Zhixian Taoguliuxian 』ter

peach of 4 cents』 『Taoguliuxian Taoguliuxian』 『
Peace to all of the five

peach cents』 『Taoguliuxian Six

Lu Lianrong』 『gold eagle eyes,『 gold Eye crow 』(Hengshan School)

to not worry (Huashan School" Jianzong "successor, seal uneven The Young) 【been torn Peach Valley 4 cents 4】

Pyong-il that famous doctors』 『murder," one Medical, killing one person; kill one person, the medical one, "died of Five Hegemons Ridge】 【
Tom English E (Songshan School Zuoleng Chan 7 The Young," Songshan Thirteen "one)

bundle does not give up (Mountain Pine Jianzong successor, seal uneven The Young, Yao Wang Linghu Chong temple was the "Magic Power" beat)

Bo Fen (Luoyang Jin Daomen Wang Yuanba eldest son, Ms. Wang's younger brother)

Wang Zhongqiang (Luoyang Jin Daomen Wang Yuanba second son, Ms. Wang his little brother)

Chen twisted (Luoyang rogue, and Linghu Chong gamble)

Wang Jiaju (Luoyang Jin Daomen Wang Zhongqiang youngest son, Wang Yuanba the Sun)

Wang Jiajun (Luoyang Jin Daomen Wang Zhongqiang eldest son, Wang Yuanba the Sun)

Yi adviser (Luoyang Jin Daomen accountant adviser, loving temperament)

Lv Zhuweng (Luoyang Miejiang, Ren Ying Ying Shi Zhi)

Mo star: (Zhengzhou Bagua Dao head, with the number on behalf of the affinity of Luoyang Jindao Men)

Ren Yingying ( Church leader Sun Moon wind took only child, respect for the unassailable after seizing power, "Sheng Gu," seclusion Luoyang, Linghu Chong wife after marriage)

Chinese Old Young Master: (Henan Kaifeng Wulin human)

Sea and old boxer: (Henan Kaifeng Wulin human)

Yu in three United Kingdom: (Henan Kaifeng Wulin human)
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What book to write it? ... ...



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