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kyokyozn2010-04-07 01:11:55 +0000 #1
I want boxing to get fit but my boxing knowledge is lacking, there is up to people I want to be a point of amateur boxing training program. Thank you
taiyangqihuo2010-04-07 01:27:30 +0000 #2

The boxer teaching, quite comprehensive. Is recommended.

Technique to practice according to this. And training, and boxing is the command Kong Quan directly related to practice, practice footwork move, around, should practice. The training according to their own physical strength to determine the amount of practice. They got tired and far right. And other exercises, skipping, and high leg lift is recommended. All physical training, while skipping can not even good coordination, coupled with a high leg lift exercises, allows you to move a very light step.

When the individual skilled Kong Quan practice after practice to consider a portfolio of video hit the training.

If the conditions at this time should be added to the target and actual combat against the thugs trained, otherwise, only when you practice the exercise, and no actual combat against the training, you can not be improved. So if you want a separate self, then, do not expect too much combat capability.
Xi'an boxing coach2010-04-07 01:54:13 +0000 #3
1, Warm up 15-20 minutes

2, starting the second, only three weeks to practice and step left or right straight blow, 8-10 meet

3, a straight left to master technology, straight blow in with the right and join Footwork 8-10

4, using footwork to play around 8-10 straight left to join the team practice from 3 months to 5, 3 rounds skipping

6, after the training session muscle training


relaxation exercises to Xi'an boxing coach space, there are a lot of boxing training article



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