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What is Tai Chi internal strength effect? Why practice Tai Chi internal strength?

Cyljyb4752010-04-07 01:12:01 +0000 #1

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Tai Chi Chuan is one of our national form of sports. Long ago have spread in our country folk. Centuries, through practice, that Tai Chi is an important means of health and disease prevention.

In recent years, many people think, and was also recorded before, shadow boxing, In addition to enhancing physical things, is the adjuvant treatment of high blood pressure, ulcers, heart disease, tuberculosis ... ... a good way, but also a certain effect. Application of sports to prevent disease, in clinical applications, is recognized as a necessary part of the treatment process. Therefore, the Taijiquan in line with the treatment of certain diseases medicine, it is to be no doubt about the.

China is the first application of physical fitness and prevention of disease state. In China the oldest medical classic "Huang Di Nei Jing Su to" the once mentioned that: "The disease in many of fistula Jue hot cold, the types of combination of guidance" (note: the "guidance" is a kind of gymnastics). Scientists in Ancient China with the scientific theory to explain further the "Sports" to treat the truth fitness. 1800 years ago, and Hua had fabricated "five birds of the Opera" as the exercise. His theory is "personal gas consumption often shaken the valley, the blood through the lung, the patient does not of Health, who is also still a door hinge is immortal." Which shows that "sport" in disease prevention and treatment has a positive significance. Practicing in all muscle groups except the body, joints need activities, but also with deep breathing and diaphragm uniform motion, and try to be "calm", the spirit of concentrate, so that the central nervous system played a good influence to other system activity and organ function and improvement, laying a good foundation.

Taijiquan boxing and gas are closely linked together. "Qi" in illnesses and health of qigong as medicines, in the martial arts and boxing combination of gas, as reminders Jin made the connection with joint action force. Thus effectively made lumbar, gas should Gudang. Spinal axis, gas for the round, fat, fresh breath and other references. Taijiquan in inner and outer triple triple. The so-called "triple", and Italy, air, force the use of triple Taijiquan; so-called "outer triple" is made in the strength of Taijiquan performed in the shoulder, hip, elbow, hand, feet up and down the coordinated . Tai Chi movement that is more than disease prevention and treatment of diseases in both its positive significance. Specific strategy on five points:

1. Shadow boxing on the nervous system. Physiologist on the nerves of the central nervous system recognized the important role of the human body, it is regulation and all the nerves and organs dominate the hub. Depend on the activities of the human nervous system to adapt to the external environment and the transformation of the external environment. Relying on the nervous system of human activities, so the body systems and organs function in various activities, in accordance with the need to unite. Any kind of training method, it has a very good general health effects. Is also a good training on the brain. This is the strength of Taijiquan.

2. Shadow boxing of the heart, vascular system and respiratory system. Tai Chi exercise on the heart, vascular system effects, is under the control of the central nervous activity occurred, the action on the composition of Taijiquan, it includes all the activities of muscles and joints, but also including rhythmic breathing exercise. In particular the diaphragm movement. Because it can strengthen the blood and lymph circulation, reduce congestion phenomenon of the body is a body to eliminate congestion in the good way.

3. Shadow boxing on the bones, muscle, joint activities. Taijiquan, the impact of these parts is outstanding to spine, for example, when asked Hanxiong boxing, pull back, loose waist. "Dominated the first lumbar," and so on, is that tai chi activities and the close relationship between lumbar area. Practicing tai chi regularly regardless of the shape of the spine has a good role and organizational structure. It can prevent deformities and old and bent.

4. Shadow boxing on the metabolism of the body. Old bones from the two parties and the incidence of atherosclerosis between data point of view, shadow boxing, on lipids, proteins and inorganic salts of calcium and phosphorus metabolism is good. Through the exercise before and after the inspection found that after five to six months after exercise, blood protein content increased, globulin and cholesterol levels are significantly reduced, but also greatly reduce the symptoms of atherosclerosis. All this shows that tai chi on the good effects in vivo metabolism.

5. The impact of tai chi on the digestive system. As the Tai Chi exercise on nervous system activity De improve, to improve the functional activities of other systems, so that it can be prevented and the treatment of certain nervous system function due to disorders of the digestive system caused by disease (movement, secretion, absorption disorder), respiratory movement of the gastrointestinal tract due to play the role of mechanical stimulation, but also improve blood circulation, digestive tract, which help promote digestion. It can prevent constipation, for the elderly even more important.

Fully on the brief, Tai Chi is a co-call physical laws, easy gentle exercise, its central nervous system plays an active role in promoting good, while heart, vascular and respiratory function in strengthening the body to reduce congestion to improve the process of digestion and metabolism. So, from a medical point of view, it is a very good and the patient's medical gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics.

Tai Chi is an exercise move slowly, slow, gentle movements, so that the human body to expand the microcirculation. Microcirculation is characterized by intense exercise the blood is running short cuts, lack of adequate material and energy exchange, and the characteristics of tai chi is slow gentle flow of blood to different parts, which are material and energy exchange, improvement of internal body cycle. As the saying goes, "pain is blocked, General is not painful", so that some barrier between smooth, so that chronic symptoms have been alleviated or eliminated. Tai Chi exercise can keep fit at the same time, can prevent some diseases, therefore, the effect of Tai Chi movement cure.

Menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation can practice their moves?

General health of women in the menstrual period adhere to proper tai chi, not only did not prevent the normal walking, but also conducive to the improvement of pelvic blood circulation, relieve pelvic congestion, shorten the menstrual period, and can adjust the brain's excitatory and inhibitory function, which can reduce menstrual back pain, bloating, abdominal discomfort such as falling or feeling bad spirit. According to their own situation should exercise diminished or unchanged.

Pregnancy to do a small amount of gentle Tai Chi activity is possible. However, some formula (as style, leg, and submarine-pin, so sub-leg Heel kick, etc.) in the third trimester of pregnancy may omit: to do some hand operation, around the end of olive sparrow, horse mane and other single-type exercise is beneficial . Sunlight can promote skin chemical dehydrogenation of cholesterol into vitamin D, helps to regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption and utilization of material. Pregnancy on calcium and phosphorus may require large, if a walk outdoors or exercise under the sun these single-type, on the maternal and fetal calcium and phosphorus supplementation is beneficial. At the same time, appropriate activities can reduce the prenatal edema, constipation and other phenomena, is conducive to the smooth delivery. However, exercise during pregnancy should be cautious, especially quick to note that even before birth, should be carried out under the guidance of doctors.

Breastfeeding may also be appropriate under the sun insisted the Tai Chi exercise, physical rehabilitation and post-natal breast milk calcium, phosphorus content increased to a certain extent. Puerperium may suspend the Tai Chi exercise, doctors should be done under the guidance of medical gymnastics postpartum
Renmin University Dr2010-04-07 01:48:34 +0000 #3
calm, stable emotions, so that gas Shen Dan Tian, dredge meridians. Tai Chi Tai Chi can improve the quality of internal strength.
Wudang Jian Zong2010-04-07 01:45:11 +0000 #4
clear convergence of meridians Qubing physical character of Tai Chi to improve strength and offensive power and defensive ability of the body

so to speak the Tai Chi Internal Strength proficiency for each additional 1 point of the ability of the body increased by 1 point (you can almost include think of all the capabilities)



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