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The body is true, what should be practicing qigong

KingisKate2010-04-07 03:11:57 +0000 #1
my body is not very good, by the large intestine through the lung barrier. Dry skin Diaopi; feel light; constipation. Chinese medicine is qi and yin yang are. I think the method of gas production through qigong qi. How does this medicine and qigong gas gas is one? What should practice self-enhancing physical power? Thank you!
Hidden moonlight blast2010-04-07 03:22:50 +0000 #2
Small Heavenly Circuit can exercise on the frail person is effective.

First of all, the election of a clean room, window whole family households, the air is fresh, to avoid the wind, and the incense burner, sit on the bed or sofa, his body straight, not curved spine, correct no distortion.

Meditation posture points double-disc, single plate, the natural disc, Choose one. Take the time to do three fold, namely the hip slightly back, abdomen slightly muster, chest micro-Qian Fu, not deliberately contrived to comfort for the degree. Shake hands with put fuselage.

Then Weibi eyes, safely into the quiet, do not think, do not look, do not listen, do not move, arrived on the E-tongue, then slowly swallow the mouth full of Tianjin. Beginners often distractions diverse, from the time when off, may be taken with the elimination of interest law.

The Soft breathing required by the slow and gradually achieve profound, Ruoyouruowu, Yi Si turtle information. Breath, the sense of atmosphere with direct access to the lower abdomen by the thoracic stomach, chest slightly retraction (ie, chest down method). At this time, practitioners have breath sinking feeling that gas penetration pubic region. If the attendant sense of the next, that no such feeling, that is with distracting thoughts.

Said with interest, chest down, gas penetration pubic region, all consciousness implies, the reality is still snorting nasal breathing call, only the sense implied in the expiratory gas consistently lower abdomen, Shen Qi can use this method to avoid distractions, and avoid the stomach after a long practice of harm stems Manxiong's sense.

This practice in March, lower abdomen inevitably produce heat, then you can luck, through small heavenly circuit. Small Heavenly Circuit has some lines that Renduermai, from behind on the economic front, the back and forth forever, endless. Specific methods of operation are as follows: The imaginary pubic awareness of the existence of a hot air down from the navel, through the lower abdomen, arrived in the very point four inches below the umbilicus, perineal, over Valley Road (anus) to the sink, along the spinous process of uplink Jiaji, reaching Baihui head, then the lower face, through pipes, from the chest and abdomen in the midline into the pubic region. Dayton meal slightly, still follow the former method, cycle, endless loop, to exercise complete this year.

Small Heavenly Circuit said Dan Tian, the fifth of an inch below the umbilicus air sea cave.

Training Small Heavenly Circuit avoid hard time breathing, or extrados quite hard shoulder and neck bow to upgrade, or prone to abuse. Must be increased awareness of entraining slow implied, if not up feeling more natural practice more successfully introduced. Be sure to order a gradual, non-urgent non-noise to the prevailing circumstances. Impetuosity, to bias.

Small Heavenly Circuit Mastery, you can This method can cure, but need to make it clear lesions and the 12 meridians ward, the relationship between the kidneys and can lead by running air through, air attack by the disease to obtain the expected effect. For example, through their ward Gallbladder foot lesions or foot have their path Gallbladder disease by their primary concern, you can bleed through the full run Gallbladder Meridian. Specific operating line, with the implied sense of a hot navel down, over the lower abdomen, around the vaginal device, over Valley Road, to the sink, immediately adjacent to open an inch on both sides of the bladder full sun along the fifth up, neck Dazhui arrived to join the team on Baihui head up, the lower face, the shoulders of Jianjing Xue go, and then into the armpit three inch deep sump, to the milk before the second rib of the door hole, oblique umbilical door next to Nine Inch chapter point, right down to Huantiao, then by the wind under the city and to the inferior lateral genicular Yanglingquan, up to the ankle on a silver bell hanging foot Yongquan Point and arrived in the end only.

Another little luck Zhou Tianhong treatment method, not the old path winding through small heavenly circuit, but the mind leads gas, copied directly to the Czech Republic, the direct disease, cure disease. If this method along its potential, exasperating to the illness, if the inverse of its potential, is self-defeating, increased disease.

Either sit medicines, Zhou Tianhong, luck or fortune treatment, must be received before the qi in the lower abdomen power, and micro-open eyes, light hand foot, the venue and slow; Do not rush, and then massage Eight points, auxiliary ZHOU Tian-luck inadequate.

Eight points is dirty, Fu, gas, blood, tendons, veins, and bone, marrow and other points in eight meetings. The eight chapter meeting will point the door is dirty hole, Fu will Zhongwan point, gas will Tanzhong Point, blood will be separated shu points, tendons Yanglingquan point, pulse points will be too deep, will be great to express their points of bone, marrow will be absolutely bone points (see acupuncture points part of the book). After the exercise is to rub your fingers, press live points, friction rub gently to heat, or rubbing 36 times.

Luck healing points were selected according to conditions. Such as the stomach is Fu, Fu will Zhongwan that rubbing friction to heat Zhongwan point, or 36 times. Lung disease is a gas, gas will smell of mutton, that is rubbing Tanzhong Morocco. Liver disease is a dirty, dirty constitution doors, door rubbing chapter points, and so on.

In addition, there can be friction rub eight points: 1, thumb back and brave to Firelight; 2, lungs and nose wipe thumb; 3, thumb and index finger rubbing ears kidney; 4, left and right palm rubbing surface spleen; 5 hands clear drum head mask tinnitus days; 6, right hand twist jade pillow off neural decline of governance; 7, so the friction palm loin muscle lumbago, 8, friction rule Zuxin about high blood pressure, insomnia. Finally, the shoulder shake hands hold the body, so that blood circulation.

Such a practice, a daily morning and evening, one night can not practice the morning practice, 20-30 minutes each time.

Time to their own control, but do less than 15 minutes.
8755067812010-04-07 03:30:54 +0000 #3
health qigong



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