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Detailed list of all the "Chinese martial arts and play features"

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detailed, comprehensive and accurate. Try to talk about the essence of martial arts each door.
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Chinese Kung Fu Overview

1, the history of Chinese Kung Fu
, also known as Chinese martial arts Chinese martial arts.

Martial arts originated from ancient Chinese ancestors of production. People hunting pigs in the production activities, the gradual accumulation of the hack, hack, stab skills, these primitive forms of offensive and defensive skills that forms the basis of martial arts techniques.

Martial arts at the cradle of primitive society. Clan commune era, frequent tribal wars, so the experience of fighting in the battlefield of the martial arts to promote germination.

Martial arts took shape in the Slave Society. Xia established, through continuous fighting, martial arts combat in order to meet the needs of further practical and standard development. Shang and Zhou dynasties, created Tai Chi theory, further strengthening the Chinese martial arts system.

Martial arts developed in the feudal society. Qin and Han Dynasties, the popular wrestling, fencing, and "Knife Dance", "Power Dance" and so on. When the Wu Tang introduced the system of martial arts played a significant role in promoting. Song and Yuan period, private association of martial arts organizations as the main activities of private martial arts flourished. Ming and Qing Dynasties is the period of great development of martial arts and schools everywhere, boxing was divergent, forming a Tai Chi, Xing Yi Quan, Bagua boxing and other major boxing system.

In modern times, martial arts and gradually become an integral part of modern sports. 1927, set up in Nanjing Central National Museum. 1936 Chinese Wushu Team went to the Berlin Olympics to participate in performances.

The People's Republic of China after the establishment of martial arts have been flourishing. In 1999, the International Wushu Federation was admitted as an official International Olympic Committee member of International Sports Federations, which means martial arts will become an Olympic sport, means that "the martial arts to the world," the ambitious goal of achieving greater!


the first Chinese martial arts features, and combine martial in Physical Education. Martial arts as a sport, is technically still lose the characteristics of defending and attacking, but in turn resides in fighting combative sports and routine movement.

Second, internal and external integration, Vivid's national style and a wide range of adaptability. Study both physical specification, but also seeking spirit communication, internal and external integration of the overall concept is one of the characteristics of Chinese martial arts. 3, the role of Chinese Kung Fu

First, improve the quality, fitness self-defense.

Second, the exercise will develop their characters.

Third, athletics, rich life.

Fourth, communication skills, and friendship. 4, various martial arts for example:

fierce Crane Boxing, Xing Yi Quan, rice group boxing, stamp feet turned child Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, eight boxing, boxing investigation, Dabei boxing, big Fist (Sanko bladder), Emei Diamond steel arm hammer, Hua Quan, Pro Cheongdam legs, Pi Gua Quan, Pào hammer, tai chi, mantis boxing, boxing through arm, Yiquan, Wing Chun, etc.

traditional Chinese martial arts Chinese martial arts, as the vast ocean, unfathomable, martial boxing, flourish, and poor energy to obtaining the nine graduates of cattle tigers hair, is not easy. The purpose of this order is to make Chinese martial arts martial arts enthusiasts have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding. Frankly, as martial arts mystique, not all martial (boxing) is summarized in this paper into. Among them, the omissions are bound to be desirous of correcting the general martial arts teachers and friends, added.

(A) of the Shaolin martial arts school

as a human cultural phenomenon, as a human form or as a fitness culture, against an enemy, competitive project in China, Xiao Yu had household, including women and children, has become a valuable Chinese culture heritage. Lin Gongfu Shaolin martial arts is an integrated system, including "Zen" word is an important basis for improving martial arts, because Zen "is a" foreign non-sake, which is not tempted, "Shaolin Liuzuhuineng in" Tan Jing ", said: Zen Sanskrit transliteration is "Dhyana", which paraphrase as "refuse the evil," "merit Jungle," "thinking maintenance", "peaceful contemplation." It is the basic meaning of the Mind to penetrate the silence. Shaolin Kung Fu and other factions so different , pay attention to the "invincible unity." Buddhism in the Shaolin Temple Wu practitioners many of them, Panguo Jing Yan Wu is one of the Buddhist name release has an outstanding representative of the people. Shaolin martial arts is most representative of Chinese martial arts, most cultural content, the most religious and cultural heritage, the most complete system, the most authoritative, but also the most mysterious Chinese martial arts genre, it certainly has become the mainstream martial arts school.

According to legend, Bodhidharma famous in the "Shaolin Temple" years of long years of practice facing the wall, the words and deeds create a Shaolin martial arts genre, but also the beginning of Shaolin martial arts have a profound human and cultural connotation, with self-cultivation, Shanhua human nature, pure inaction of morality. to Buddhism philosophy, " Zen "and other martial arts complement each other, to the two you have me out of your highest level.

the fundamental basis of martial arts. In the long historical process, the concept of different periods on the expression of different martial arts, it connotation and extension along with the social and historical development and the development of their own martial arts development and change.

Shaolin martial arts school is a conventional technology in schools., due to the Shaolin Temple is a teaching based on the form of armed fist, was once hailed as folk martial arts of the "Mount Rushmore." also known as Shaolin boxing, Shaolin martial arts and so on.

Shaolin martial arts form, remove the trust name and coined the saying, mostly from the civil and Military martial arts, Shaolin monks, some not known to the world, fading Buddhism, Thinning as a monk into the monastery so that the martial arts, martial arts masters have their own arts industry will pass on the Shaolin. Rumor: The Korea Communication and arm, Ma Ji Chuan bunt, Lee Sou transfer size Fist, Bai Yufeng mass dragon, tiger , snake, leopard, crane, etc. five boxing and qigong. Shaolin Temple after the introduction of these weapons and technology to form a basic part of the Shaolin school. in the circulation process, due to the constraints of social needs and Zen culture. gradually evolve into between the Ming and Qing has been relatively stable form of Shaolin boxing schools.

Lots of writings and legends, limited awareness of the historical background and religious about its pretensions, will become more attached. Shaolin Temple martial arts ancestors respected Dharma, Dharma in Buddhism, but with high Status Bale.

development to modern times, Shaolin boxing camp boxing Zen movement characterized as one, God-shaped one, hard to play fast break, Qi Jin Qi back.

Shaolin Fist Way a lot; including a small Fist, Big Fist, the old Fist, Luohan, Shaoyang boxing, Clubs Quan, Pao Quan, Seven Star Boxing, boxing and so soft, there is pull on the training routine and Luk, biting hand Luhe, ears to Luhe, kicking Luhe so. In addition, there are "mind to "and other casual strokes training method. Devices with knives, guns, swords, halberds and other weapons like 18 complete, the representative of boxing are:

1, Shaolin Five Shaolin Fist

Five Shaolin boxing is Bruce, the tiger fist, leopard boxing , Snake Fist, the general term for crane fist. contained in the "Shaolin clan" and its were derived from the "Shaolin boxing tips." the book said: "Bruce practicing God, tiger bone boxing training, boxing training force leopard, snake boxing qi, Crane boxing training fine. 5 martial arts that it can fine, then the body strong fierce, hand-foot Spirit steady, eyes sharp bold. "
2, mind the

mind to is the Henan Shaolin Temple in a teaching of a loose strokes to practice law. Some research that this technology is mind Luhe boxing originator Kyi as available" Reading Temple "," Communication Arts Henan ", the mass stay Shaolin , a total of 12 mind the general trend, their names are: type from the left and right to, (wedge Jue to), turn over to, to pan to, from vertical to, maneuvers to, the bright wings, the wings, pushing the other . mind to only a single potential exercise form, no routine, straight from practice. This is the Shaolin school secretary is not exported the technology. Tai Chi adultery, gossip slip, on the toxic poison, but mind to.

3, Pao Quan

Pao Quan, of strong Tough , nimble quick spirit, such as burst like cannon. spectrum, saying: "The Wind Dragon claw cannon offer; hunting tiger flying guns; lion mouth open road race; Baihe Liang wing chain gun; Merlot lying pillow turned and ran; leopards and crosses take the lead gun; white snake's tongue mine gun; geese oblique wing rockets. "Shaolin Pao Quan, both turn on the drill it can pick the sky, but also cut the power split pressure drop.

4, Luohan

Luohan total of 18 road, which means tiger and the dragon of the Ocean with the boxing ability like that. Song said, : first as a wave, hand like a meteor. body, such as willow, feet like a drunk. out of mind, made in the performance. just like non-rigid, like real and virtual, for a long time since training of cooked very truly inspired.

(2) Wudang boxing

commonly known as Wudang within the home. from Hubei five non-mountain. transfer to Zhang San-feng, "Night's Dream Emperor Xuan grant of boxing", next day he kills a hundred people armed with brave, stunt then this transmission were known to the world. This that can not really test. Yellow 100, said: "Zhang San-feng skilled in Shaolin, to turn the complex, is the name within the family. "And so that Wudang is the basis of the Shaolin school evolved. Modern people will Taijiquan, Bagua Quan, Xing Yi Quan into the" fist inside the home, "called" Wudang school. "Indeed, Zhang Sanfeng is created within the family is still outstanding boxing, Tai Chi, Bagua boxing, it does not come from Wudang Mountain Xing Yi Quan, Shaolin school can not cover so vast and complex content.

In addition to the name of boxing outside; Wudang boxing representative boxing there are "nine palaces line fist of God", "Nine Squares 18 legs", "Tai-Five capture flutter," and so on, even to the most Wudang swordsmanship.

(c) send

Emei Emei School is a famous school of Chinese martial arts 1. the department of Sichuan Emei Martial worship for the hair-like manner. Qing Zhan Master "Emei Boxing Profile" wrote: "One Tree open streaky, streaky 8 Ye Fu, Emei on the shining, brilliant full lakes. "" Emei month "refers to Emei Wushu school. Some people will spread the monks of modern Sichuan, Yue Du, Zhao, Hong, technology, word, etc. 8. Huang Lin, point easily, Tiefo Qingcheng, the five young cattle faction, grouped together as Emei Sect, "Emei boxing spectrum" so-called "streaky 8 leaves help." There are also over the door and laughing thrush boxing and other boxing. Among them, the monk, Yue Du, Zhao said the four people, flood, chemical, words, would say four small home.


Buddhist monk door where the door is boxing in Sichuan, Shu said, "Four" one, also known as "Shen door."

2, Yue Mun

Yue Mun Sichuan local boxing species, Shu said, "Four", one will be attached to the founder of Yue Fei.


Du Du door where the door is boxing in Sichuan, Shu said, "Four", one said to the boxing when Jiang Qing Emperor Qianlong View print incoming Sichuan Sidoux , hence the name "Du door" and that "Du" is to eliminate and prevent the enemy attack was intended. Du door early without glove, only a single operating practices and functional training methods.

4 door

Zhao Zhao Sichuan local boxing door, Shu said that "four people" one, with a will of Zhao Kuangyin as founder, it said Zhao door. The Department of boxing to the "red fist" basis.


freemason freemason's boxing popular in Sichuan, Shu said, " Four small family "one. triad is said to pass from the anti-secret study of the Fist, is divided into dry freemason, freemason two water lines. who said the water near the Yangtze River flood, and the remaining dry Hung said.

6 ,

of the door of the door is a popular boxing Sichuan, Shu said, "four small home" one, also known as tied closed. came from Jiangxi were Huang Jichuan.


Gate of Sichuan spread the word door is a topics for, Shu said, "four small home" one, Hubei Hanyang single person back in 1919, Cao Li, Sichuan, and pass on the fist. It is said there are 108 characters in this boxing, boxing this word to a single operating mainly.


Wai Mun Wai Mun is a popular boxing Sichuan, Shu said, "four small home" one, also known as will the door. Modern Communication little learners.

9, I

I gate door boxing boxing boxing is the one in Sichuan , passed down from Jianyang County, Sichuan, Yu.


Huang Lin Huang Lin sent the local martial arts school is one of Sichuan Province, also known as Huangling sent. About the origin of this boxing, said there are two: First, the boxing for the Jiaqing years Longchang Rongchang and counties in Sichuan border, Huang Lin Monk (or brown forest roads) transmission, known as the "Yellow Forest School"; Second, the fist introduced by the Shaanxi, Sichuan, because Xuanyuan tomb in Shaanxi, to help "the yellow Ling School. "

Agkistrodon Agkistrodon boxing boxing boxing is a Sichuan place, this boxing is rumored Emeishan Taoist preaching, hence the name.

(d) within the family within the family

boxing boxing is a" master in defense against an enemy "of boxing. The so-called home is within a stroke relative to the primary in terms of human Waijia boxing skills.

in home boxing has been referred to as Wudang. Impartation say the punch came from the Song of Wudang taoist priest. In early Qing Dynasty, there will be Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua Quan, Xing Yi Quan and other general statement as an internal family boxing, this view has been in use in the Folk.

1, Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of martial arts boxing. clear initial view Chuan Wen County in Henan Chenjiagou.

on the origin of Tai Chi Chuan, there are several different versions, one that came from Tang Xu Xuanping or Li Daozi; one that came from the Song Zhang San-feng, an ancestor that came from Chen village Chen Chen Pu, according to Tang Hao, Gu Xin, who left to research, these statements are attached will be short, or simply no basis for the legend.

Tai Chi is divided into:

Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan, the founder of Chen Wangting;

Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, founder of Yang Lu Chan;

Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan, the founder of Wu Yu-hsiang;

Sun-style Tai Chi Chuan; founder of Sun Lutang;

Wu-style Tai Chi Chuan, founder Wu Jian Quan;

Zhao Bao Tai Chi, as in Zhao Town of spread, hence the name.

Tai Chi five-star five-star push push

Tai Chi Tai Chi system for the routine.

2, boxing Law

boxing boxing boxing is a boxing routine method. Tieling Manchu Wuyi Jun 1930 in Shanghai, began to teach the boxing. Wu Readme This boxing is Kaifeng, Henan Kuan-Hsing Chen, Peng companion three learned. Taoist Song Chen from stroke, "see snake crane to compete, and Wu Chong Quan. "General view, Chen Chong Quan said that for stroke," Wei Tuo. "Speculate boxing law from tai chi, and boxing and gossip Luhe mind taking long boxing compiled; or from the mind Liuhe boxing, and taking tai chi and Bagua long fist compiled.


Zen Zen Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Chuan is a martial arts routine. According to legend, the Shaolin monks under the "majority of the successful non-condensing Compassionate Dharani" sutras,Interpretation of the Italian style and compiled into boxing. First name "Compassionate Dharani boxing" (referred to as "compassion boxing").


Ba Gua Zhang Ba Gua Zhang is one of martial arts schools, was originally called "turn palm", later known as "Bagua", also known as "gossip turn palm," "You Body Baguazhang", "Rou Shen Baguazhang" " Gua Zhang. " The way for sending a large influence, Yin send, beam pie, but they confined to the following forms:


Old Eight Palms Bagua Old Eight Palms line for the combination of the eight basic forms of movement practice, Chuan is said to own Baguazhang ancestor DongHaiChuan, it made the "old." As a basis for change derived from the basic Eight Palms palm method, known as the "eight mother palm."

(2) 64

64 palm palm is Baguazhang Department 64 strokes of the basic combination of action or a single form of exercise, also known as 64-type, 64 Hand.

(3), for the new Eight Palms Bagua Eight Palms

new form of exercise. Hebei Cangzhou people Jiang Rong Qiao (1891-1974) Creating.


Shape and Form in Baguazhang Bagua is intended to spread in recent years, a Bagua practice law, set itself the wealth transfer. His teacher Zhang Zhankui, this studied under Liu Qilan, fine Xingyiquan, worship into DongHaiChuan division after the door was Bagua Essentials.

(5) Baguazhang Bagua rival rival

two fixed-trick against the law to practice the form.亦名 pair gossip, gossip on the break, gossip Sanshou. 5, Xinyi Quan

Xinyi Quan universal mind Liuhe boxing, also known as Luhe boxing. Future generations who pass this learning center for launching said, boxing emphasizes meaning, Meaning Beyond Language to the punch, and used to call "Xinyi Quan." On the origin of this boxing legend varies, the general view that the boxing record of people from the Ming and Qing Ji Jike Puzhou Shanxi (word Dragon). Yue Fei was attached for the transfer.


Xing Yi Quan Xingyi Quan "Taking to heart the meaning of line means," also known as line of Italy, this fist stress "as its shape, and absorb the meaning"; request "sincerity in mind, the body shape in , the high degree of unity within the meaning and shape ", hence the name. Xingyiquan born out of boxing and self-contained system Luhe mind.

(1) Five Elements Fist

Five Elements Xingyi Quan's basic boxing is boxing. Including Pi Quan, drilling boxing, boxing collapse, gun fist, Wang Quan 5 Quan. Xingyiquan accompanied this five boxing gold, wood, water, fire and earth, hence the name.

(2) Five Elements Boxing

Five Elements g g boxing training routine on the name for the Xing Yi Quan, 亦名 "Five." The routine use of Pi Quan, collapse boxing, boxing drills, cannon fist, Wang Quan (the five elements boxing) techniques, the use of five elements theory of phase g, self-interaction break the exercise.

(3) Five Elements Fist

Five comic comic boxing as Xingyiquan this routine, also referred to as a chain fist, is a grouping of the five elements boxing made of the basic movements.

(4) 12

12-shaped form is one of Xingyi Quan Department of the traditional routine, taking 12 kinds of action features, combined with animal grouping operation moves made.

"12 form" includes:

dragon, tiger-shaped, monkey-shaped, horse-shaped, Tuo-shaped, chicken-shaped, Harrier shape, Yan-shaped, serpentine, mackerel form, eagle, bear-shaped.

(5) character function

character function is one of Xingyi Quan Department of boxing routine, its mass will be summed up his fist Road Tips character and name. This character is: cut, cut, wrapped, hips, pick, top, clouds, collar.

(6) 100

100 fist fist for a new chapter Xingyiquan sets, passed down from Jiang Rong Qiao. According to Jiang said that he has given his Xing Yi Quan and Zhou Tong of the 100 spectral shape map Creating formed. The disciples are fine for this operation in Saudi Arabia.

(7) Yiquan

Yiquan is a boxing name. Is the ancient name of one of the Xingyi Quan, Chuan fifteen years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1750) written in the "mind Liuhe fist order," saying: "(Yue Fei) proficient in marksmanship, to gun for the boxing, a separate method to teach the Zuo, it is called Yiquan. "Modern Wang Xiangzhai of Yiquan, also known as" Dachengquan. "

(E) natural door

door for the martial arts as a natural, Hunan, Cili County Du Centre 5 (1869-1953) by the transfer. Du claimed responsibility for the operation were from Sichuan martial Xu short division. Modern times by the Wan Lai Sheng widely disseminated.

Nature doors have no fixed glove, do not speak strokes, do not speak with, to air as the return, in order to retain a natural for the tenor of; called: static-free start, change unprovoked, falsehoods, naturally.

(F) refers Changquan

Changquan hit ya give away, advance and retreat of the hand move to the offensive and defensive skills and movement forms, the so-called long is relative. Changquan relatively bunt terms.

Modern Changquan boxing Frame stretch, neat, flexible movement, agility, kicking and jumping movements more scatter in all directions.


Charles Charles boxing boxing boxing is one of the representatives of Chang Quan, also write (insert) fork step, insert the name of boxing. Written for the investigation of modern unified boxing.

Charles Sincere line to 10 Road Charles boxing-based, and another slide, artillery shells of various flood boxing.

2, namely, snap (with tan legs)

is a kind of range of motion, namely, snap leg and mainly in the footwork, tactics boxing series formed. Issued by the fist leg is out to shock strength, taking the ejection of the situation, hence the name. Namely, snap a "10 way, namely, snap" and "12 Road Tan leg" parts.


Wah Wah boxing boxing boxing is one of the representatives of Chang Quan. Or that this fist started Huashan Cai's, hence the name "Chinese boxing." Or that the boxing in essence, qi and spirit for the three Chinese, "Three Chinese Koon" as the theoretical basis, but said the Chinese boxing. Also known as the fist from Huashan Mountain, hence the name.

Chinese representatives boxing boxing routine for the 12 Road. While others armed fist, totaling 40 Octal much. The "Chinese boxing 48, Art trip world," said.


Red Red Boxing Boxing is a kind of Chang Quan. Since the founding legend of Zhao Kuangyin, or that germination in Shaanxi, some people will write Fist Red Fist, and called the Northern School Fist to Fist and Nanquan lines to distinguish.


Plum Flower Plum Flower is one of Changquan boxing, also known as Mei boxing. This boxing wait for verification of origin, said to have originated Shaolin boxing skills.


Luhe Luhe boxing boxing boxing is one of Chang Quan, from the Shaolin boxing. Wan Lai Sheng "Martial Arts Meeting were" called the Veda Shaolin boxing is a door. A total of 12 times the traditional glove.


fans were boxing fans were Changquan boxing is one, also known as Yan Qing Quan, fans were boxing, lion were boxing, fans of these arts. Boxing legend about the origin of many. Song Yan Qing, or create own. Hence the name "Yan Qing Quan"; or fled to Liangshan, said Yan Qing snowy night, while the former line, while the branches to sweep to the footprint. This means then submitted for posterity, "fans were" Name the boxing; or the martial arts, said Yan Qing from the monkey, "and midnight fairy." The monkey fist is to take lion case sensitive characteristics of good jump compiled, hence the name lion cases of boxing; or that this is taking various tactics of boxing compiled, difficult to understand the cases, hence the name were boxing fans. No historical credentials of these tales. There are 36 armed boxing routine way, the "Behind 36, Art into the World Bank itself." 8, Hua Quan

Hua Quan is a focus on practical, or law to the main routine of boxing do not speak. This boxing record of Jiang Ningxia from Kangxi Yongzheng Shi Gan pool.

(8) Bagua Quan

martial arts known as "gossip boxing" in boxing there are many. Spread southwest of eight routines, Central Plains Region has spread gossip boxing Yin (also known as gossip hammer), there is little gossip circulating in Zhejiang boxing, Guangdong and Guangxi Hong circulated within and outside the family gossip gossip boxing and boxing. System more complete spread Lu, Hebei, Henan region gossip boxing. The tips goes: "you play I do not care, I play (you) care not live."


Pào Pào hammer hammer is one of bunt class boxing, also referred to as "gun hammer." Topics for hair like this fresh burst guns, punches like hammer down, hence the name "artillery pounding." The so-called Three Wise Kings, is attached will be the fist when the three chiefs from the primitive tribe. There is one that originated from Shaolin.

(10) 8

8 Boxing Boxing is a boxing routine name. For a full set of eight style, hence the name. Chong said that since the mid-Qing Hunan Chenzhou hide certain.


Yue Yue's with boxing's boxing class with one of boxing is the bunt. It is "Yue's Boxing" series based group formed by single glove. Legend of Yue Fei in this boxing is the "Yi Jin Jing" action and martial art into a creative fusion, which was by-laws will be.

(12) Boxing

Mian Mian boxing is a soft as cotton in the boxing action, consistent with its action, momentum built up lingering called "coherent cotton fist" or "extended hand." Cotton boxing far unknown source, Ming has a teaching.

(13) feet to 1 stamp, stamp feet is a kind of leg-based boxing. According to legend, originated in the Song Dynasty, stamp feet typical action for the Yuhuan step, duck feet. Novel "Water Margin" in the description of Wu Song Striking the door god, they use the Yuhuan step, duck legs.

Poke-pin sub-routine is divided into armed trips, cultural trips to sub-categories, Wu Tzu-trip called "duck foot nine transfer chain" is the origin stamp feet. Wu Wen wade trips in the sub-sub is developed on the basis of the routine.

2, stamp feet turned child, is son of boxing stamp feet and turned blend of boxing each other.

This boxing footwork both stamp and flexible way of turning sub-boxing-intensive, thus leading foot is hand, foot hand to hand defense, the foot against the next.

(14) through the back arm boxing boxing

Link, also known as Tong Bei Quan, is a typical attack the class boxing. Some boxing boxing family in this line more than upper limb movements. Like ape arms through arm (or name gibbon) enable Shu Yuan Bi, He fell on the shot, straight out through point, and the writing "through arm punches." Some boxing boxing family in this line that the "pass back" led to "pass the shoulder", "Link arms" so that his arms like a collusion, while writing "through the back."

Modern have left arm through boxing. There are "Qijia pass back", "White Ape Tong Bei", "Pi Gua Arm" three.

1, White Ape Tong Bei Quan

White Ape Tong Bei Quan an Arm boxing, as Chong "white ape" as the ancestor, hence the name.


Qijia Qijia Arm Arm boxing boxing boxing before its name came from Qi in terms of names. The beginning of the "old Qi faction" and "less Qi school" parts, after the "less Qi faction" to "Five Arm Boxing" series, "Qijia Arm" to refer only to send the old QI system of the techniques. 3, Five Elements Fist

Five pass through arm arm fist by the Qijia "less Qi faction" boxing skills evolved.


Versed Versed boxing boxing boxing advocates of this door, "Manager (boxing management) as the (form) will pass, physical (fitness) with (Attack) with" and "through Mitac of, preparedness million Koon" for the purpose, and were prepared through boxing.

(15) Pi Gua Quan

Pi Gua Quan is a typical long-class boxing, ancient name wrapped in boxing, 亦名 finishing punch, due to more use of palm, also known as "Pi Gua palm."

Song "Kung Fu"

Song: Tu Honggang

Music: Wu Jia Ji

Lyrics: pathway of

the lyrics:

stop lying like a bow, like a song

Fixed not shake sit like walking a gust of wind bell

Nanquan and North Leg

Shaolin Wudang Tai Chi Gua Zhang Gong

magic stick sweeping China have a large gun

light as possible, pick a line as if the sky

Chong Yun Zhongyan pride in training muscles intradermal breath

firmness and flexibility training will not give us heart world

Fung sword in hand knives to look into action, martial arts experts go

it would know if there are two doors at the foot of

hand is a root of

four soil nourished the soul of Chinese martial arts hero


days may stop children China Heights wind directions have a magic magic


China has magic
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I know I talk about it!

Southern boxing generally bunt, there are magnificent close! !



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