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I want to learn kung fu

fire10king2010-04-08 09:10:38 +0000 #1
Can I recommend a school for martial arts video. That can be downloaded online. I am 20 years old. Height 181 cm. Give me a recommendation. Thank you
tsdtz2010-04-08 09:12:43 +0000 #2
"combat entry"

Fighting Getting Started "Getting Started

Fighting (1)

the first day of practice when Sanda, coaches teach the cross step this way --- straight blow! (Zhe Yiquan, after some basic study tracks easily)

horizontal step to stand and bend his knees, his hands placed in cheek next to the left and right turn out of straight blow! (And 48 hours a little bit like, but we do not move further)


1, elbow strike in the whole process is always drooping, do not valgus (remember)!

2 Like his fists like a stick poked straight to the front, do not go to a pick out, and do not like to dust, like fists have a side spin from the inside out strike action over the cross, which will cause scattered power, track error ! 3, the first training experience slow line, put his fist after a little familiar, like hit like a whip! (Each heart beat must meditation --- "pa", that is, whiplash as Songkuai swift.

4, when the place hit goal is to block the fire to think of carbon, a touch back!

5, use the waist in particular, both hips with the punch! both hips first move, is to increase the level of small "jitter", urging the shoulder firing! 6, shoulder blade to hard!

track in front of the clouds --- is the same experience can learn!

fighting started (of 2)

level of swing! or called flat slap boxing!

the fighting started (a) based on the ---

1, straight blow out to attack the micro side, "a little" bit --- meaning on it, in full accordance with straight blow attack mode, the moment arm about to hit straight, fists (legislative style) force from outside to inside Hua Hu slap hit (just turned recovery go out into the middle range --- transverse slap smaller) to take advantage of recovery. as rival fans slap in the face with his fist, like the inside!

2, about Danlian require action consistent, natural, smooth, hip shaking slightly Ping Rhapsody!

3, the left is generally people are not accustomed, only more practice can be resolved!

attention to a point, straight blow practice swing in the course of the peace movement to the body as small as possible, but must not do not do!

Lianshu after this action can rival the glove as a target, hitting the physical training, but also can hang the ball hit a target!

be aware, after:

exercise level cloud track after track! start Danlian, skilled practice after the flower arrangement (alternate continuous exercise), have points left out, right back, right out of left hand back, must be synchronized, similar to the other martial stress before and after the war, or "bowstring" action!

fighting started (c)

Jumping! I've introduced it!

feet before the foot and ankle stretch slightly jump, alternating feet jump, jump up and down vertically, it can jump around. feet off the ground can be micro!

This exercise can significantly enhance the soles of the feet and ankles of elasticity, flexibility, and high-frequency tremor after laying a useful exercise basis!

learn this jump, the pace will be a non-practicing almost!! compared to some of the traditional martial art does not slow the pace a bit! Ha ha!!

fighting started (4)

interlude to you instil a real combat (Births, Deaths and flame) Consciousness:

eyes gaze at the opponent's eyes and neck vein, a strong focus on heart awareness --- desperate pounced to pull in, tear it, smashed it!! no matter what kind of opponents to give me attack, as long as I am not pose a big threat, I simply focus on attack my target!

I am an experienced high school students between the minor incidents. the football field, we have a bunch of students playing football and suddenly the ball flying a student, the students craned his neck to the top of the other students to raise Who knows at this time to fight foot kick, kick in the head the ball once the students of the sides of neck, I was in they looked less than five meters , the students touched the neck, walked a few steps, then lay flat on down, passed out! we did not pay attention after the fall, he woke up stand up and go ahead and take a few steps then fell flat on In places, it was under the students panicked and immediately sent to hospital • • •!

neck is Shoubu De pounded! to see the king of beasts Shihu natural prey is desperate attack to target the neck under the mouth they did not rely on a strong body with the fighting game, but the crucial point directly kill! So why should we choose other than-lethal attacks on the place?

still hounds chasing wildebeest, the wildebeest ass from behind legs into his mouth to bite the eggs of the two hanging or soft belly, biting pain after wildebeest naturally bends down to not run, and then bitten neck death! our attack, we should learn from hunting wild animals killing action!

limited to Dead or Alive!!

fighting started (5)

Yun-prone hand pile and flower arranging!

prone pile:

body posture and push-ups or less similar, only pitch a Hengzhang hands, fingers of both hands over 45 degree oblique angle before the arms bend, elbow angle of 120 degrees. feet shoulder width with distance and, as a flattened body!

requirements: the minimum bend after lumbar point up top, the same body as the bowstring, take this point as arrow tail, like the place to be an invisible hand poised to grab the open bow (the bow string by the former bending into flat on it)!

all right to get down to appreciate the experience, to find a big table on the floor in front of , looked at the table, get through a minute later, he said to himself and then bite more than 15 seconds on the teeth, and to try again for 15 magic bullet, may further than 15 seconds, gradually extended the time! my high school station Siping Malaysia step is to eye on the wall clock, half a minute half a minute to remind ourselves that teeth break through, and finally got going stand 5 minutes, very tired! I think, and prone pile, like the beginning can only stand about a minute, and break it difficult, but I type slowly to reach the five minutes!

skilled can be added after the round crotch, top raised knee, legs, internal rotation to twist the essentials!

flower arrangement goes hand:

actually do turn handed track, that you out of my back to you on me, you left my right, • • •, fully synchronized, bow to the war movement!

1, floral front of the cloud: Emboldened by his hands in the shoulder, Concurrent has designated front of the cloud, that is, you out of my back! like about open bow sport-type, respectively (poised ready to throw the);

2, after the level goes floral: Method Ibid.

skilled to experience upper extremity after this line is the same the whole bow, when you hand in the clouds must take care of the whole arch Roudong only do bow the whole moving!

fighting started (6)

shenfa path:

I did not learn very much when that means! mainly do not do it together! Then I add after-school training, found a way their own soil (pan left and right when the trick)!

start with the best before and after the training track line translation shenfa:

chest --- I think everyone will be, well, with enough strength to chest Ting the most significant, long term resident for a while, always with a focus on the muscles, so that this part of the muscle feel hard to find. rest, and then very • • •, repeatedly practicing!

Back to the breast and chest --- the opposite direction, is also a very large force to the maximum chest retraction, horde for a while, chest • • •, back and forth to the limit position top hard experience.

slowly back and forth movement of the can after proficiency. Standards!!

shenfa about translation track practice :

find a bench to sit down with both hands on the hips, fingers down, well, left spine, left hip with the push force DESHIL formed on the pull of the state, to the limit position horde, experience the feeling of muscular effort ! than 10 seconds, then turn right shift, left hand with force push right hip level, the formation of the pull. This feeling can be found, the displacement has stretched out, back and forth to practice, soon Standards! (this method I am gearing myself earth approach, achieved significant results, I also published in the magazine)

spine stretching up and down:

stretch, everyone will just stretch when pulled up after spinal micro by as much as possible into the arch after the uplift Do not Tingzhao Xiong pull up! soon be compliance!

Well, then, left palm flat on his chest from the position, palms facing up, fingers DESHIL, right hand palm down, wrist interior side in the chest, palms folded in flat bending the wrist clockwise, as nearly 90 degree angle, so that your fingers in front of the DPRK, the fingertips just put the palm on the left!

well, with the previous method, after the first spine through the left shift, the former top, shifted to the right, then pull the oil in the hands finger clockwise along the outer edge of the left hand palm garden plan, continue left, the former top • • •, cycle training, the right track of peace will come to shake shenfa success!

Similarly, giving top priority to all shenfa trajectory can successfully!

Description: This is the beginning for a beginner can not move the spine is designed, there are some good beginner body movement may not have such a function is also active practice up!

a problems can be raised!

fighting started (7)

static stance:

cross-step pile!

I say, why not start training a fool pile, because I was tired, that is persistence and perseverance of the martial arts are the entry-way. I lazy, so I find lazy way to the net!

cross the benefits of further post --- saving, easy to build up confidence, make you experience feelings of carefully detailed essentials (if you are tired of feeling which has been Gude Shang essentials, as early as a lot of trouble not stick to it), so simultaneous, balanced, not be neglected, and will not feel well while while indisposed.

The first step: rounded piles (Lu-type structure).

start to relax and adapt to the main station to be able easily to 40 minutes into the practice phase of the war --- the specific requirements for a switch to a post I came.

NOTE: Three of the dispute to a first identification of a body, must not be self-deceiving, anxious.

fighting started (8)

Next plate bow Training:

assumed with a long bamboo floor barricaded in a large semi-circular arch --- because bamboo flexible, highly elastic, then you hand grasp the bamboo bridge at any point , the pressure on, earthquake startled, you will find the bridge in tremor; increase the pressure range of motion, the entire bridge will be even greater magnitude tremor! good --- to your next plate, from a foot the toes to the hips, legs and toes of another as this genzhukou article, erected in the ground roots support that round, full stretch of the bridge.

At this point you will certainly find that my arthritis is active here, obviously, bad ride in the round, then you think again: the bamboo replaced by seven spring --- left foot, left leg, left thigh, hip, right thigh, right calf, right foot, then spring live at the knuckles. So should the seven springs sheets into a full stretch of the bridge, what to do? I like you very well --- axial tension, the contact of foreign support! Well, they do not start pulling Well, pull no stretch, it does not matter, you can increase the point of strength, with tugged to find a sense of the strength of fine-tuning, keep practicing 10 days, you then feel about, is not it a little bit of a stretch to feel put on airs, this recurs when the number of ideas that is intended in force, is not it stretch more obvious?

smart as you, other places are also the principle!

"combat entry" (9)

live body Dafa! (Oh, I feel too important, so, so many words, do not misunderstand)


bring the body all the joints you got to the open, rolling live, and to track any compound suddenly, and the overall state of recovery instincts. also for the future The so-called whole water, like a shadow on the form, instinctive movement over the body without delay, Tong Shen is a senior state hands to lay the necessary foundation.


1, shenfa trajectory;

2 way track;

3, leg trajectory.

Note: shenfa trajectory granted according to materials, steadily push down until the pubic region. There are also all over cervical roll live. techniques of leg trajectory should pay attention to the shoulder, hip to actively participate in the shoulder joint, hip roll in all directions as far as possible, live, rock cooked.

basic track pan cooked, transfer to Dan Tian Tai Chi ball, and shook the whole "Huazhiluanchan" (Oh), completely arbitrary, size, speed streaky disorder loop. You can also the power source selection in the foot, Dazhui, first, etc.. All in all, a little shaking in deep, soft and beautiful complex, over the body without delay, indeed affect the body, naturally subject to a unified consciousness. Oh, great shape and functions of many Dance movement was born, enjoy command
goodojy2010-04-08 09:55:50 +0000 #3
Recommended Wing Chun, can self-study, a simple, practical, and Baidu on what can be found. If we can come to the field study, recommended Yiquan, boxing can be good training for life, to Beijing can learn to master Yao Chengrong, a search can be online.
Hell Magic Departed2010-04-08 09:28:08 +0000 #4
shang wang cha
Cobra KK2010-04-08 10:47:42 +0000 #5
Wei Feng teaching Jeet Kune Do, to the excellent network of cool or potatoes can be seized.



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