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Press play to be considered slow, but slow, some confused OK Taichi recently which teachers can teac

langzihui492010-04-09 07:10:25 +0000 #1

Jade Shuttle2010-04-09 07:24:20 +0000 #2
Tai Chi Chuan is not "playing to slow", but every movement of Taijiquan the requirements of many (such as Li-shen Chiang Kai-shek, leader of virtual jacking to body with arm, down from the call like smoking), and fast many of the details can only be passed over, can not place a half-day training can only train for the last shape.

"Slow, be considered OK"? As long as you can ask your teacher to do all the various elements, it should be OK.
F3438562812010-04-09 07:47:13 +0000 #3
playing slow is good

but do not deliberately go slow water it

played hands in the water naturally and gently push back and forth

the kind of speed and state of all you need to learn

the so-called The smooth writing of the water

and pace when going out must be light

feels like lower body, like light into a cloud

This is a poignant description of the line cloud
lin3816989822010-04-09 08:19:15 +0000 #4
that I do not know the `
said the master had taught me Respiratory Breathing keep up the combination regimen of the play `` ``` what is now the air seems not to that realm of the `` look `` `` skilled are pointing`
l19871142010-04-09 08:43:03 +0000 #5
way is not fixed right the speed you enough has no fixed at slower What you do not master? If not, do not like school that will let you practice throwing
w88h88y882010-04-09 09:17:37 +0000 #6
slow to relax - you can, and slowly is to prevent stiffness -
Town States army, division,2010-04-09 09:13:37 +0000 #7
I personally think that, if practiced Tai Chi is exercise, then slowly It does not matter, but do not be too slow (do not deliberately go slow), so that makes breathing even when doing moves, there is no breath of the potential side is the best, it must be according to their physical circumstances, if any chronic or serious illness the beginning of more patients, more slower. If you are doing exercises, then some of the initial slower, because it is recorded as early action, adjust the degree of movement and breathing with the stage, wait until some time after practice, Yi Jing memorize movement, Buzaiyongxiang Jiu action can Zuo Xia Yi, Hu Xi Yu Action match with the right, then according to the characteristics and requirements of Taijiquan can adjust the speed.
FXJ90040330122010-04-09 09:47:56 +0000 #8
not slow like, and the fast speed on the first side. . . . . . If you are too slow, then what Tai Chi is also playing, and too the highest state level even though the quiet and slow but it is not all! ! ! Meisha much to say, the twisted train of class too! ! ! !
660679642010-04-09 09:08:25 +0000 #9
slow in fast, fast in slow, practiced with the heart to be quiet, Xinruzhishui. This effect to play ball, then fitness will be good
handed Achang2010-04-09 08:49:35 +0000 #10
beginners tai chi, requested action to be slow.

Slow to be able to offer you the opportunity to discover their own mistakes and weaknesses, discover and promptly correct, fast can the wrong place can be passed over, slow down will find that we can correct, this can only improve. Boxing demands CKS times of refreshing may, without humble power, to relax. Move faster in the beginners efforts may occur when the phenomenon of strength, but deviate from the requirements of Taijiquan, so they are slow.

Slow always have a degree, how can it be considered ok? Will go slow distraction think, not too fast to find errors! Is that you can bring awareness to the punch above all through the years, regardless of heart, do not go thinking. Relaxation does not force action. Above to be put into boxing, boxing is not the whole trip with obsessive. OK so the ... ...



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