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18-year-old can also do training Tae Kwon Do?

Kqdyl04222010-04-09 07:11:06 +0000 #1
I have learned in the past few years, but because the problem of learning to learn no, I would like to wait until I'm 18 years old to studying, the time?
xuexiang12122010-04-09 07:13:59 +0000 #2
Taekwondo to learn not only actual combat techniques, leg, more importantly, the spirit, of course, of course, as the age of 18 can continue to learn, whether you want to Shuashuai or fitness or fighting. . . Live and learn equally applicable to Taekwondo.

I do not know if you want to ask is not due to age, physical function aspects of the problem led to affect the learning process, this is definitely affected, but this does not affect the flexibility, more efforts!

ヤ ↘ activity was evident Bo Min yarn2010-04-09 07:47:09 +0000 #3
course in time, I started practicing 19 years old, and still others fight Nenggen combat, Hu Hu,



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