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Zhang Xiaoping how many gold medals

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1998 began practicing boxing (coach Chaolu). 2004 into the national team (coach Zhang Chuanliang).

Main achievements: 2006 National Championships 81 kg class title.

Olympic war situation:

Chinese boxer Zhang Xiaoping 81 kg at the first round match against Tunisia on 9 players 穆拉德萨赫 Ravi performed well, with the score 3-1 victory over rivals, the smooth advance to the next level, enter 16.

At August 24, 2008 for the Beijing Olympic Games men's light heavyweight boxing (81 kg) final, Zhang Xiaoping beat Ireland's Kenny to 11:7 root for the Chinese delegation won 51 gold, is also China has made in the last Olympic Games gold medal. 3, the main achievements

National Boxing Championships in 2002; to 2003 the first military competition; the first 2004 National Championship;

National Boxing Championship, third in 2005;

2005 National the third tenth games;

2006 National Championship runner;

2007 National Championship and the World Boxing Championships global trials first;

24th Asian Boxing Championships 81 kg silver medal and 2007 the first National Classic name.



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