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wwe games ps2 keyboard who ah,

jaj12362010-04-09 08:11:31 +0000 #1
just under wwe ps2 but will not play, there is no one Yeah, tell about
jiangxi82905682010-04-09 08:27:38 +0000 #2
control characters "up and down about"

run "fast double-direction key "

attack grasping block C



retaliate abusive attacks D + S

suppression (opponents on the floor) A

for partners to pick up weapons sdA



close to the goal of targeting the on / off W

dodge attack (the time when the ground) D + S

Screw Button / rope

turnbuckle / ropes Department moved to the rope or turnbuckle attack + S

climb / move down turnbuckle rope or turnbuckle + A

screw Button Service Attack S or D


turnbuckle Department insults into / out wrestling games move to seize the rope + A

after the operation (by S key to seize)

seize throw the arrow keys + S

to seize the offensive keys + D

to change the location of A


with the whip open wound seize the arrow keys + A

fight back was arrested after the operation (when caught pm)

escape tossing attack D


escape the attack and in turn attacked by your opponent the same button command

Running Action "Double-click the arrow keys to run fast," run to seize the S


rolling run attacks / appearance running up the rope and then press the A

to force opponents to the ground when the other action A


suppress opponents attack D or arrow keys + D

seize opponents to surrender the arrow keys + S

depend on the platform outside the ropes

seize the offensive attack move opponents + S

+ D

dance move opponents move the rope over the rope + A

to stand outside the ropes "quick double-click the arrow keys to run," arms attack


pick up weapons and attack with a weapon the arrow keys + D

run at double-quick attack with a weapon arrow keys + D


lost arms thrown weapons S

end of the movement (inability to faint flicker meter Hyun rivals +)

end of the action S + DOWN ARROW

Anti-repression: ASD plus the lower left from right



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