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If you are the absolute prohibition of grip, Sanda in wrestling or continue can use it? Wrestling in

humble humble high hundred feet2010-04-09 08:11:55 +0000 #1

attackwc2010-04-09 08:16:33 +0000 #2
brother ah, yesterday, when I think of you sleeping, you feel Terpe service, I had to seriously answer 10 questions a day quite tired, and you actually may one day provide more than 10 silly questions, the light, you have already mentioned this vest more than 140 questions, with the former love of broadcasting requirements, four feet gun, I love China and China and other vests, it is estimated that the question of the right to break 1000 You should be an account on the efforts to break a few thousand questions, to become the first person to ask questions Baidu, Go!



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