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Physical difference, but I want to learn Sanda

x4217342712010-04-09 09:11:14 +0000 #1
I high a height 167CM, weight 57KG, body bone is very weak, now do 50 a day each squat, the push-ups 50, 100 birds of each dumbbell, how much time do I become more powerful, it Sanda I go for a
Tour Mountain の dabble2010-04-09 09:21:28 +0000 #2
first day running, add enough nutrition
zoujiwang2010-04-09 09:17:29 +0000 #3
integrity of every person born has a hero, yearning for the outstanding personal abilities, can be a hero to save critical time United States, this we can all understand! Dan Shi usual sports Duanlian best aerobic workout with the most obvious, I suggest Zhang Qi insisted jogging, 400 minutes per week Zuihao Zai, Meicimanpao in more than 40 minutes, the body 大量 sweat, and my body will not be deformed muscle symmetry, power Zheng-qiang, has streamlined beauty. Or shuttlecock, do not underestimate the shuttlecock, it not only train a person's response capabilities, but also exercise your body flexibility, and flexibility, entertainment, fitness correct, each time for the best shuttlecock for more than an hour to keep ! As I have said under the constitution of different people, who one month effective fast and slow are effective for three months. Hard-line than you have said that a good type of exercise too much! ! You just kind of a tough workout muscle type of oppression! Long time easily deformed rigid muscles, bone deformation, thicken thigh, etc. - and there is no staying power! ! Then if you are not necessarily good effect to Sanda! Hope to give you help!
Mood for Love 20462010-04-09 09:56:59 +0000 #4
I am about your situation, I do

First of all, rational nutrition;

Second, aerobic exercise and strength training combined;

Third, choose some traditional internal strength to practice, can exercise internal organs can also be strong bones.

Also, your current training methods are not scientific, squat, push-ups and dumbbell training birds should not be placed in one day, if you just increase strength, not muscle, then training should be to squat, bench press and dead lift mainly These three actions can improve people's power, but not on the day three action and training, should focus on practice a skill every day, if training the muscles, you can see related book, you can find coaches in the gym.
Attackwc2010-04-09 10:58:34 +0000 #5
body bone weak intensity very easy to accumulated fatigue, you may do push-ups control increasing, can Yici Xing easily complete 100 when the last gym call someone absolutely Li Liang instructor teaches you practice it that your well Cishu do so much general is used to lose weight, load calculation is based on explosive power training, not by the number of counted
baizitao0072010-04-09 09:36:35 +0000 #6
If you want to learn Sanda, then, you do not wait. Now go.

Do not wait until you become stronger the go. Because Sanda is a healthful exercise, and I dare say if you go to formal learning Sanda, then the local system, than you are now his practice to be much more effective.

Because Sanda is not only offensive and defensive technology practice, but also flexibility training, physical quality, including the explosive power, endurance.

Regular exercise Sanda, then it's sports than you do exercise to a large, and many of aerobic exercise on physical fitness to improve soon, all you're doing basic anaerobic exercise, such movement can only point to large muscle training on the improvement of physical fitness is not very effective, but too much muscle on your block Sanda training is hampered, and that is too stiff muscles are not flexible.

If you want to become stronger. Recommendations now go to school.
6641248072010-04-09 10:29:53 +0000 #7
1 Sanda physical exercise are available

Sanda skills are very important. However, this technique is dependent on a comprehensive physical play conditions. Although some training in this outstanding, but can not master itself, that is, the real battle is the final objective. A perfect attack, should be the strategy, timing, speed, deceptive and keen and accurate combination of judgments - such as Bruce Lee, and special physical training is a means to an end, mainly hit by power law training to improve fighting ability, such as accuracy, speed and intensity, exercise self-protection against fighting. Targeted training to pay attention to choose the power law strain practice.

Specific physical include: Strength, endurance, speed, quality, agility and mental qualities and so on.

(1) Strength

strength is the basis of human motion, is the driving force and source of action change. Development of power quality to the development of other body has a very active role in quality. Not only can it affect the movement and motion control technology, improved performance, but also promote the development of locomotive organs, enhance physical fitness, health promotion, training and indomitable will of the quality. Sanda strength quality athletes is to overcome the resistance or through the muscles ability to resist external forces, is every Sanshou athletes must have a physical. Sanda's attack, defense, movement, fighting against such processes must rely on the role of power can be achieved. Strength is Sanshou athletes learn and master the essential techniques. The strength of athletes directly determine the quality level to a large extent the level of their overall competitive level. According to the characteristics and training Sanda movement theory, usually divided into the maximum force strength quality, speed strength and strength endurance 3 different types. Sanda athletes in the confrontation, "kick", "da" and "fall" and other martial methods and the degree of force has a very close relationship. "Heavy fist," "heavy legs" is a very powerful and destructive to each other's fists, which is inseparable from the quality of the muscle, but the other side's power is not entirely based on strength, but strength in the fat body set Among boxing, playing strong powerful punch, whether the secret is to master "cohesion in that development effort in the moment", punches or a leg is the power of the "penetration." Therefore, Sanda strength athletes in the practice should also be focused on the explosive force of the exercise, should force skilled application of explosive hair technology. Sanda athletes muscle through strength training can change the shape and capability, including increased muscle cross-section, change muscle fiber types and muscle length and joint movement and the rate. Sanda strength training to increase muscle mainly through cross-section and change the type of muscle fibers to enhance strength. As the fast muscle fibers can generate more power, muscle cross-sectional area of fast muscle fibers a high proportion of people, their larger muscle contraction force, in general, the larger the power athletes, 抗击打能力 is particularly strong.

(2) Endurance

Sanda is exhausting, so in a physical fitness training, exercise load can endure much more than usual, and force can make their own extraordinary put up the action until fatigue (because the endurance exercise in the process of overcoming the fatigue developed, and no fatigue no training effect), only in this way can the rapid growth of physical fitness. Only in this way, it gives you a strong body, so that it can not only withstand any violent blow, but also to the fierce and powerful opponents to fight back.

In the Competition, the most athletes in the beginning of the race, down the mountain like a tiger, very fierce attack, but in the latter innings, especially in the third game, the most obvious physical decline, indicating that athletes physical and physical distribution problematic. Practice shows that the endurance strength, fighting the higher the efficiency of the process, Endurance is also a very important technology base hit quality. Endurance can be divided into: aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, muscle endurance. In motion practice, the development of muscular endurance to improve the blood circulation and improve muscle nervous system deployment capabilities are of great utility. At the same time, developed the human body's heart, myocardial contractility and increased heart beat interval extension of the time, so you can get a good rest of myocardial heart was fully tap the potential to achieve the objective of improving lasting resistance to war and ultimately to win take game.

(3) Speed Quality

Boxing the saying "no hand eye are Xiahu Nao; eye hand also that god also fall."

Speed Quality is defined as a body or body parts in the shortest possible time the ability to move quickly. Include: response speed, movement speed, displacement speed. Sanda athletes should be able to achieve the "boxing as a meteor, eyes like electricity", meaning: martial arts punching faster time, look to rapid and sensitive, "Power from the moment." Punching speed and frequency too fast, often to create dizzying opponents, the state of running around in circles, in the game can basically control the situation. Hit in the technology, the pace of fast-moving not only to avoid the opponent's attack, the attack can also find good opportunities to hit the other active site. Sanda athletes too slow, adversely affect the timing, and beaten in a passive situation.

(4) agility

This refers to the sudden change in a variety of human conditions, rapid, coordinated, quick, accurate and complete ability to move. It is the people's motor skills, neurological response and performance of a variety of Physical Fitness. The reason is the movement skills agility, nerve responses and the comprehensive performance of a variety of quality, because each of the specific actions reflect varying degrees of strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and other qualities. Particularly through the power of the outbreak of the power to control the body's acceleration or deceleration; through speed, especially the outbreak of speed, control body movement, dodge, change the direction of the speed; through flexible to ensure power, speed of play; by endurance exercise capacity to ensure long-lasting.

Sensitive quality is an integrated quality, its performance in space and time content is rapidly changing conditions, Neng demonstrate urgently Chu the action of Zhunquepanduan, flexibility, rapid response of the flexible Sudu, high-speed capability and rapid Gaibian Ziwocaozuo certain parts of the body or physical direction of motion capability. Spatial orientation with people and the ability to sense events, but also with the speed and power development, but also with the coordination and response capacity has a direct relationship. Wushu say that, hand, foot, knee, elbow, shoulder and hip sports such as harmony, is the psychological and physical unity. Sanda fight in the body is not flexible or too rigid, sluggish footwork, all martial of the taboo. "Waist, such as hunting, walking stick game" is a technical hit shenfa flexible description.

(5) mental quality

mental quality that understanding, emotion, will and other psychological processes and capacities, personality and other psychological characteristics. Martial is a movement, is an art that can enhance your personal sense of security, exercise your thinking, agility, endurance, and enhance your sense of, training boxers in critical condition and under high tension of the psychological calm quality.

Sanda fight in the game when both players are not only carried out two fists against the physical confrontation and technology, but also the psychological battle, in addition to physically constrain each other use, the two sides psychological and even confrontation. When opponents mad flapping Cookin, the face can not be avoided fighting, is cowardly fear? Or calm, fear a strong enemy, hard dare? Is no alternative but to go indiscriminate beatings, and the rival exchange that result in a lose-lose recklessly, or with a combination of technical skill and wisdom, fighting a rhythm, a confusing, there are changes control the opponent without being hit by rival competitors hit? So, with good psychometric quality of the athletes, not only in the confrontation full play to their technical level, tactical level, but also the psychological advantage using their influence and control the opponent, which is the practical significance of Psychology martial.

2 physical damage due to falling

(1) positive attitude gradually disappeared, and in order to save the rapid decay of the energy to persist in the end, had to reduce the number of offensive, defensive actions to increase. So that the situation with the main attack to keep gradually turned into the main, and move more than attack, defense, ability to counterattack immediately after the reduction or simply disappear, leading to negative actions occur.

(2) consecutive away a fast break, slow movement speed, hit rate and accuracy reduced the efficiency of drop attacks, and the slow response, passive, beaten more opportunities, which directly affect the effective display their strategy and tactics.

(3) The sensitivity decreases, and suffer blow after the feedback in the brain, which forces the opponent's confidence began to waver over.

(4) there is no doubt superfluous action, which consumes the physical strength and bungled fighters.

(5) up the wrong judgments, errors increase, can not play the usual level of strength and speed training.

(6) air force advance, passive defense, end game.

All the time Sanda Sanshou athletes must practice and learn well their bodies, if your health and strength, you will not be fighting violently. Bruce Lee once said: "Physical training can be a asking for trouble in the training process, if you are strict with themselves, you do have to pay, and when you put on boxing gloves boxing start formal learning or participating in competitions , you will understand: You have not been wasted effort, but hard work brings. boxing the saying, practice does not mean that practice, if not practice boxing, martial arts look good even if played again, the end is the style and no substance. practice is to practical. practice is the meaning of widely, such as increased power, increase flexibility, enhance sensitivity, exercise endurance, increased respiration, increased responsiveness, etc., all belong to the scope of practice.
q26583632010-04-09 11:18:12 +0000 #8
less Linta ditch military school, to not ... Sanda there great!!!
gengguiqin162010-04-09 10:53:29 +0000 #9
recommend a look at Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is in tune because the rule.

first determine why they body bone weak, in the development of therapy for himself.

Do what blind tonic, or to practice what , that would be counter-productive Oh!
creamy pudding2010-04-09 10:32:33 +0000 #10
... go for it you learn to learn to tough a



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