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Fox dumped several versions of the stick!! Banding !!!!!

Riding Pig chase Benz2010-04-09 09:12:12 +0000 #1
to 21-inch version is perfect, the titanium black version and a hard contrast that branded version of a more Well?
Q108991262010-04-09 09:19:23 +0000 #2
Rejection stick Why so much difference?

1 preferably is chrome molybdenum steel alloy called "Alloy" is a 45 second charcoal mixture hardened steel referred to as "steel 45" The third is "seamless steel" Fourth is the use of metal welded into the " steel joints "

------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

1 stick thrown out of steel to do, one can be broken three blocks, 50 of normal contraction to 2 out of 45 thrown stick of steel to do, one can be broken of a block of 5 - 20 times to the normal contraction, breaking two bricks at about 5 times the normal shrinkage can do 3 out of seamless steel thrown stick, a strong free blocks can be broken a normal contraction to 4 out of joints made of steel thrown stick, life is about 100 times the normal contraction
------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------

steel prices do stick out of the rejection is the value of 80 yuan, of course, are the United States sold 800 1 ASP, and buy and regret it

45 out of steel to do Rejection stick price at 50 yuan value, sell one or two hundred dollars also have sold a lot of three 500's, but some do buy

seamless steel stick thrown out of the 40 yuan price value, many also sell high-priced

a joint rejection of steel to do stick out, called to beach goods, 10 per a fairly expensive
--------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---

steel thrown stick very good quality and of course, play the block no problem, such as 10 blocks put together to find a 100 block, continuous heavy blow, do not worry about the stick, so play the 50th consecutive normal shrinkage can use a stick or , the quality is very good.

45 steel thrown stick, not a heavy blow, but you can knock bricks, you can find seven or eight blocks, what about the crack bricks, sticks often cracks bombing mouth phenomenon, the key thrown the stick and do the quenching technology

seamless steel thrown stick, you can play very good normal shrinkage can not Cookin steel joints thrown brick

stick, the normal contraction is the problem, Section rejection fly is common
------ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

from the paint on the black in terms of the best black chrome paint, paint thinner Paint Falling off is mainly will not affect the use of hard chrome finish


gold the most wear-resistant layer of copper is mainly good-looking bar, Paint Falling off fast
---------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------

thrown stick how much genuine goods is going on?

Very simple stick fighting words, once also a dollar, like what hit play what, in different words, the price naturally is different, to sell a good price, even in poor appearance of a stick handle and sell a good price is not hard

than the appearance of not more than than the well-known restaurant, a few hundred dollars more than the quality of both the stick, can freely than
-------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------

have read, buy a stick is very simple, mainly selection of quality


alloy version of the stick thrown thrown stick F1OK

thrown stick F1OK

thrown stick F1OK
lyq8693237452010-04-09 09:19:39 +0000 #3
In fact, very good, I used is too dark

Play thrown stick to a strong wrist and arm strength for the job otherwise lead to muscle strain in the

So, before playing stick rejection may wish to play like dumbbells, practice your arm strength.

And the rejection of 21-inch stick you looking to play up not tired, so get the hand, we know that rejection should stick to the kind of waving a "whirring" sound of the wind in the realm of need, great arm strength, is also playing stick Rejection tiring.

But out "cracking" bang thrown out scary



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