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General Street fighting occurs when you play this action crotch

humble humble high hundred feet2010-04-09 13:11:16 +0000 #1

kano772010-04-09 13:27:06 +0000 #2
Council, also inserted eyes, throat lock, the next trip, put shovels, elbow, etc. chrysanthemum burst.

Passed, Cougerenao ......
spring bamboo Run2010-04-09 13:49:46 +0000 #3
Yes, a lot of shade will do that!
Chen Chung-Cheng2010-04-09 14:25:31 +0000 #4
of course, but like most men and women on Yongzhe Zhao. Male on male may be less.
11343133532010-04-09 13:59:55 +0000 #5
Sha underhand are on
wangking03162010-04-09 15:02:34 +0000 #6
underhand do not advocate -
My Night isolated city2010-04-09 14:47:42 +0000 #7
of course, will be flying kick, left hook and straight blow right-hook. In addition to prevention is the most kick, kicks the most dangerous, do not face opponents, blocking access to Xieshen fight back or escape, or is vulnerable to attack, especially in crotch area. You want to be bum ah boy asked this. Ha ha ha



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