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Taekwondo is best you not? Or bad is not? Ready to learn Tae Kwon Do 11-year-old girl back as soon a

Related poetry2010-04-09 13:12:19 +0000 #1

Dk_yewook2010-04-09 13:19:05 +0000 #2
I have probably learned from the age of 11,

female students is also good, self-defense posture of handsome,

but the damage may be better than capture or karate,
, then I think the best learning looking for a school with girls the same age,

because if you want to persevere, then,

to the last bound to combat,

it certainly can not and boys, or the number of segments than they were high or low,

the best is that they together with the girls Grading Test , more convenient and will not be sorry.
Mature Warrior2010-04-09 14:01:04 +0000 #3
Taekwondo is characterized by smart, gorgeous. Of course, no less power, but because it is 70% kicking skills, so in the fall, hold, play areas can not fight, Muay Thai martial arts such fierce rivals.

However, as a woman, taekwondo is undoubtedly the best choice for the following reasons:

1. Most women's power as boys, so learning the power of hand fighting and other martial arts will be duplication of efforts, as science and technology of Taekwondo kicking.

2. Taekwondo requires speed, distance combat general, girls are also very good for self-defense martial art, not close combat.

2. Taekwondo gorgeous, heartfelt words, only on the legs and technology, then, may not even Chinese martial arts taekwondo gorgeous than I believe that even if practiced will not become Nanren Po.
Kim Little CD2010-04-09 13:41:14 +0000 #4
If I think the best science to find a school with girls the same age,

I am now 11 years old, practicing for some time, I feel that learning too late



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