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Push hands is rely on the people introduced far?

Revival f2010-04-09 20:10:40 +0000 #1
Is infuriating me?
Town State army, division2010-04-09 20:15:04 +0000 #2
by Taijiquan Pushing Hands training to achieve the physical strength to understand, with the sticky adhesive, along the enemy the introduction of potential attacks on the other side fall, while eight methods by Tai Chi, or "shed, stroked, squeeze, press, mining, Lie, elbow, relying on", and the various Tai Chi for their unique strength method (such as wrapping Jin Chan Yang-style spinning Jin, Jin Wu-style silk cotton) out of each other's strength to launch to the other side. Therefore, it is not a promoter of infuriating the other side pushed out. Understand the strength and adhesion of Taiji stick as you can see Wang Zongyue book, "Shadow Boxing" article.

Thugs song:

shed stroke extrusion press to be careful, adopted by the Shen Qu Lie elbow.

Advance and retreat with the fixed stare, who is hard up and down hand in hand. Juli

and let him hit me, and affects skillfully deflected the question.

Introduction of frustration that is out of joint, not lose adhesion with the top sticky.

Adhesive stick with:

stick who put on the higher elevation of that too; with who gave himself away from the term suggests, no;

sticky who yearn for that too tempting; with the person, he suggests, should take this;

Appreciating the perception of movement to, non-sticky with no clear adhesive. Kung fu stick adhesive along Sri Lanka, also very fine too.
Kungfuchen2010-04-09 20:39:02 +0000 #3
along the enemy's situation, through the power of the enemy,

the introduction of fall, stick with the

residual adhesions around the fold, that of the play

Eight comfortable with one of the gods
Dry Travel2010-04-09 21:06:06 +0000 #4
explosive. Coordination of muscle movement is produced by explosive moment.
Yqyhd73313122010-04-09 20:44:38 +0000 #5
along the enemy's situation, resolve attacks, evasive, leveraging the power of
, and seal the enemy's legs, to prevent the enemy's retreat, a pushing force can be introduced to people far
leap in 2009 20102010-04-09 21:05:17 +0000 #6
skillfully deflected
Martial Arts infinite2010-04-09 21:23:50 +0000 #7
is a relationship with breathing. But mainly by leveraged support.

Destroy each other in the balance of inspiration, the principle of borrowing leverage, while breathing, people focus off the ground. The moment you leave the ground to exert a thrust again, it can be pushed very far. But sometimes with those made by force is so fierce, the arm is straight, so performers can display their more and more exaggerated.



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