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How powerful internal force

Penance joy Chan2010-04-10 14:12:11 +0000 #1
I saw a video above, one can set the bricks from about 1 meter away palm on the back of the left and right internal structure and internal forces that are really that bad?
branded yIn_II2010-04-10 14:22:22 +0000 #2
qi is a Chinese saying ... Chinese medicine, qi and blood form the body of the two types of basic materials, gas to Yang, the blood was overcast, together. Early in the "via" had said: "People of the owner, blood and air ear." "Human flesh spirit, it had instructions from the week in the lives of students who have." Ming "Jing Yue Quan Shu" said: " people have yin and yang, that is, blood gas. yang qi, it is San Want anger; yin main blood, so blood containing the strong form. life depends, but Sri Lanka only. "qi and blood are all refined by the valley of water, gas Yang and blood is yin, the two inseparable. Is the relationship between gas and blood gas as the driving force of blood as the basis for the unity of the two are opposite, so Chinese a "handsome gas as blood, blood to air the mother," "gas line is blood, qi stagnation and blood stasis then" statement . Shows that there is not no body in the blood gas, the gas does not exist without blood. In gas and blood relations, gas is generated and run the power of blood, blood is the material basis and the carrier gas. Gas to drive, Wen Xi-based blood to nutrition, moisture, so their blood to go, some to the gas, gas to go, not with blood. Gas and blood in terms of physiology, pathology are interrelated, mutual funds health, affect one another. (1) Blood gas to the material basis of the blood is fine, but for refined into blood, Zeyi gas-powered. Fit, the function of blood and blood self-sufficient; Qi, the function of blood and blood loss from the weak. Therefore, the deficiency may further lead to blood deficiency often, evidence does not meet the color of China, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue and other blood deficiency of the disease and syndrome. In clinical medicine, the basis of "gas can be Blood", often drug in the blood, together with the Qi of the product. Therefore, "doctors were required reading," said: "The blood gas all you want, and qi in the blood of the first; yin and yang and the need, and keep on top of yang in the yin." "Warm Febrile Diseases" said: "The blood of good governance were not requirements of visible blood, and seek the invisible gas. "" Jing Yue Quan Shu "said:" visible blood is difficult to fast, invisible gas that when anxious solid. "The point is, in large blood loss cases, the more urgent qi, to restore the function of the body, angry students were solid, blood can gradually Health. (2) gas can xue Chinese medicine believes that "blood gas as handsome," "gas line is blood." Blood running, mainly depends on the gas to promote the heart, lung of compresses, liver of catharsis. Qing Tang Rong Chuan "Blood Theory" is more straight forward, saying: "who transported the blood that is gas." If the gas dysfunction, or stagnation of qi deficiency, blood often can cause adverse, or even lead to blood stasis. Therefore, the clinical treatment of blood stasis in the time, often adding in Traditional Medicine and abducting stagnation of qi and goods, to achieve better results. If the result of blood stasis due to deficiency of evidence, treatment must be dominated by qi, which together with promoting blood circulation drugs. (3) gas to intake blood Chinese medicine, blood in the vasculature of normal operation without overflow pulse, the effect is due to temperament to command. The so-called photo blood, is the gas (specifically referring to temper) to command the role of the blood. If the spleen qi, to command the role of loss of blood, often leading to a variety of blood evidence (such as Nvxue, blood in the stool, purpura, etc.), traditional Chinese medicine known as "blood gas is not proactive" or "Pi is not the Blood." Treatment of spleen qi to be the method used to restore the function of its Tongshe blood before they can stop the bleeding. (4) blood for the mother of Chinese medicine Qi-called "mother of blood for gas" has two meanings: First, the gas deposits in the blood into the xue, that blood to the carrier gas; one refers to the blood gas, chemical and biological the material basis. Gas can xue, blood can carry gas, gas present in the blood. Such as the "via" said: "Business Line of Pulse", the "business" means business gas, business there is blood in the gas is air. Although running on the pulse of Wei Qi, the body fluid but also need to carry. "Classic", said: "Focus on the development, promotion of grain flavor, smoked skin, full body, Mao Zedong, if the irrigation Wulu, is that gas." "Blood Theory" also said: "The keep air who is blood" , meaning that gas can not leave the blood exist. If the gas is not attached to the blood, it will float without the root. Gas deposits in blood, blood to the carrier gas, while the blood continued to air the material basis of functional activities, to continue to be added, so air can not leave the blood and body fluids exists. In short, the relationship between gas and blood Blood for the gas can, gas can xue, qi can be proactive blood, blood to air the mother.
Airman8882010-04-10 14:37:05 +0000 #3
rest assured that is a lie

fist without distinction both inside and outside, breathing both internal and external difference.
Ramtous2010-04-10 15:29:56 +0000 #4
so dramatically ... ... ... ... estimates are internal forces do not leave it more powerful ... ... just make moves when the strength of feeling there is an extra muscle in fact much better than you even heard of got to the extreme internal structure (which is really great To!!! what is not certain what ways it failed to blow the house at that) to send to the in vitro and only heard of ... ... ... ... ... ...
counterfeit Chinese2010-04-10 15:49:57 +0000 #5
false, no kung fu in vitro can be sent to the internal forces. Must be exposed to the human body can be a striking force.

We often hear the change in top playing the wrong thing is often understood to stand apart and beat people, have these weird show.

The real meaning is that the body has not been training hard beating in the various parts will be its own obstacles, making the force can not be sent out to play effectively. Through the exercise with the coordination of the various parts to make their own, participate in the transmission of power to force the process of getting in the way in passing, the same as the body is hollow.

This space is not separated by a distance that is that the transmission of power in the body as in the hollow of the bamboo in it will not be hindered.

This is why people who clearly seem almost forces, martial arts and combat power will be a big gap between ordinary reasons.
Lyq8693237452010-04-10 15:38:17 +0000 #6
It is absolutely a lie

internal force actually refers to internal organs Effort

outside force is the muscle's Effort

it is often said that Push is not hard.
Surui81810102010-04-10 14:40:36 +0000 #7
pure Hu Che Che!
Xie1002525742010-04-10 16:34:45 +0000 #8



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