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How do muscles?

A5172099452010-04-10 16:11:49 +0000 #1
I am 14 years old. A height of 165 or so students

Weight 65 kg to 68 kg

between the kind of exercise a day should do to maximize the exercise of the arm muscles
, of course, can also play a role in weight loss and better.

There. Lower body muscle exercise should be how.

Gym equipment that can be used. . Expert to answer.

Thank you woven. . Fighting the problem assigned to me in martial arts because I may want to learn over time martial arts.

Finally much to say. . Only note that the maximum per day (maximum). I am not very good physical strength and endurance.
Yingkong Shi crj2010-04-10 16:15:07 +0000 #2
14 years of age 68, huh, huh, not thin ^ _ ^, this depends on where you are focused on the matter, if the training, you train arms and legs light is definitely impossible, If weight loss, light exercise. . . Clearly tell you, is impossible. If we are to focus on training, arms can do push-ups, exercises dumbbells, barbells, pull-up, are good. Legs, running, weight-bearing Dunqi, leg Dunqi, leapfrog, jumping rope, bike, good. If you take and lose weight, then you have to pay attention to diet ought to, if you only exercise, do not pay attention to diet, you probably might get more and more fat, calories should be consumed for the exercise is, that you must know, after exercise will be very hungry, and if you do not pay attention to diet, eat even more positive than usual, really, a lot of people exercise to lose weight by not over after that for this reason, addition, waist and abdomen exercise is essential, you do not want practice to go shape it, huh, huh. endurance training is also out, as push-ups, can not afford to do so far, this is your maximum.



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