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How to practice Boxing

yhtnhm20102010-04-10 18:11:36 +0000 #1
I'm a 15-year-old secondary school students, 181 for height and wingspan of 175 practicing boxing you, I tried to play out his fist, feeling very variable twist, no speed, a pair of dumbbells at home, no other tools, will high- How to practice boxing people, said Wikipedia's too complicated, can not read, do not copy the
Thrombe2010-04-10 18:14:18 +0000 #2
brother first, but the height and wingspan of 181 175, which is how good innate ah! This means that even if you encounter high than you will not be in a much inferior opponents, and your height is still long! 15-year-old also has a time and hope that since you have a passion for boxing and physical conditions, differing only in a good advance planning and persistent enthusiasm on the list! ---- What can you insist? What you ready?

I nominal age 19, height 180 +, weight 70kg +. Also from the 15-year-old began his martial arts (Jeet Kune Do, then fans may be). Admitted to two (AWESOME Henan) of the summer, I went to sports school to learn some boxing, much progress under the guidance of instructors. Years of experience, I insisted that: there must be guided by professionals can really started (believe me, I have fought!) But I understand your feelings. I hereby give you some of my summary of effective practice methods (I do not 希望 as old as detours you're like me), hope you like it.

As you say: "tried to break out his fist, feeling very variable twist, not speed", that is yes, because you never learned. Wanted to not eat the same people who complain about hunger.

Fighting need strength, speed, accuracy. As a fighting fan, no matter what you like martial arts, must attend the following:

1. Body. You will probably ask me why I was not psychological, so-called first learning martial arts center. However, "Only a strong powerful body to the soul." Physical examination of Chinese students mostly thin, I was once. I do not believe the fragile fists real determination can be issued. I hope you can manage to enhance physical exercise! This is also the exercise of personality.

A: Physical: Example program: 1. In the long jogging (required) to 15-25 minutes to prevail, 60% -80% intensity. For example 1500 meters, 2000 meters, 3,000 meters, 4,000 meters or +. Specific running skills (breathing) see sports books. 4-6 times per week (not recommended seven). Recommended in the morning, evening or at bedtime for (evenings best)

Note: This event began, we must adhere to more than three months! This is a test on your own, can not be reborn, the key is on the running of this project adhere to hone. If you insist failure to recognize their own weakness and despise yourself.

2. Power: Because your physical I Bu unknown and targeted training approach to Ni method (otherwise is misleading you waste Shi Jian), 所以 Suggestions: 1 Mai Ben "dumbbell Dazao perfect man" (Jue Dui God books) reference practice. 2, is the best way, do not feel bad money, to keep going to the coach will guide you.

Note: The strength training recommendations in the afternoon to bedtime (evenings best) for. Enhanced protein nutrition (beef, fish, milk, soy products), to ensure 8-10 hours of sleep. Simple words: muscle is the money to drop out!

B: agility: Example program: 1. Running after the end of agility, flexibility, balance training. Including gymnastics (yes, very effective), muscle tension (lower back shoulder leg pressing pressure, etc.). About 10-20 minutes. Detailed methodology refer to physical textbooks (textbooks are a good thing)!

2. Actively participate in sports games, the best all-around.

3: Technical Quality. As I had, I think you probably ignore the above content directly to see here. But I let you down: This is part of you I can not tell you.

Is not reluctant to tell you, but if you do not really accept (or knowledge) had at least months of formal training, even the best fighting technique is unable to understand the true meaning of. Even if you "know" you still do not understand.

Concept of establishment within the profession will need to be guided. If you wish to self-study can have some success, would be a mistake (and I have the same).

Of course, if you must know, I can only suggest that you: Baidu right, we should not read more to learn, do not do "reach out party." Of course, it can be a problem, so we recommend you for a good textbook.

Through personal effort and struggle, I found: the social environment in China, and exam-oriented education, because of the particularity of martial arts, martial arts after all not as popular as playing basketball in the student's life. Wu born students tend to love some of the tragedy, the more love the more tragic. ---- But it can never stop us love it!

Finally I hope you read will not be too unhappy, you can be a bad luck when all predecessors in the whining.

Good luck!
Zengyong11092010-04-10 18:37:30 +0000 #3
waist fat is power, and fought to close, if you are in Suzhou, I can teach you



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