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Does anyone know what movie star Wu Jing is a graduate of military school

machuanliz2010-04-11 05:10:25 +0000 #1

oldoldhen2010-04-11 05:18:33 +0000 #2
Beijing Shichahai Martial Arts School
Emperor it2010-04-11 05:25:49 +0000 #3
Wu Jing, Peking Man.

He is not a military school graduate, and 6 years of age to enter, "the Beijing Wushu Team", the flash gun sword playing Dance of death 18 year get a foot since 8 years old took a title in Beijing, they and the brothers Shidi Men took a series of groups and individuals in dozens of national champions.
Only electric2010-04-11 06:05:15 +0000 #4
Beijing Wushu Team

Baidu Wikipedia can confirm that;

Chinese Name: Wu Jing

National: Man is Huangqihai

Birthday: 1974/04/03

Place of Birth: Beijing, China

Constellation: Aries

Height: 175cm

Weight: 65kg

Blood type: A type

Family: Father, mother, a sister

Constellation: Aries

Fighting learned: GB Martial Arts

Education: graduated from Beijing Sport University

language: Mandarin, Cantonese, English,

present position: actor, Beijing Wushu Team assistant director (as "Spike" is one film director).

Personality: blunt, straightforward

Advantages: Lotte

Disadvantages: personality is too straight

Interests: reading, swimming, horse riding, shooting

Leisure activities: reading, horseback riding, listening to music, chatting with your friends

the usual clothing style: Casual
david9542010-04-11 07:04:59 +0000 #5
Rabbit On children2010-04-11 06:22:25 +0000 #6
brake Hai Wu School



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