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Sanda combination of demand (the best combination of boxing legs, too spent even a ah)

rainy days in July2010-04-11 06:12:01 +0000 #1
eye of god2010-04-11 06:22:47 +0000 #2
Sanda and boxing is different from itself draws Sanda boxing in the boxing, but increase in wealth of leg, but a combination of boxing and the legs more deceptive and destructive.

I need to explain the point here is that, for the early and intermediate practitioners, not too concerned about combination moves, the Meiyi Zhao's attack effect, because your technique and strength (especially waist power) are not enough. This can not guarantee that every move you are the hardest hit.

So, in this case, to focus on the last hit is a more sensible approach.

For example:

the right leg swing in + the right lower whip

at close range circumstances, with the right swing in attacking the enemy head, usually, the opponents defense will be the head, while ignoring the lower plate, this time with the right stripes opponents kicking leg thigh suddenly, it is hard to detect.

This is definitely better than "right-left of swing + swing in" effect evident

straight left straight blow + Right + Right leg whip (low): This is for quick close to the opponent's play, the former bump fists are a cover- for the final kick. Lateral thigh to know that the body was hit, it is easy to stand up.

Left leg whip (low) + Right hook kick (high): This is the reference method Taekwondo Flying kicks, one low and one high, either side of, the match is difficult to parry, to pursue the opponent, good results

Of course, a similar combination of very rich and varied leg boxing, boxing and personal strengths and characteristics of the leg can be any combination, but you prepare for a portfolio in their own time to understand the principle

that is, you have to ideas, you The first one went out, the opponents to reflect, to analyze as objectively as possible. How smoothly do not own alone.

This is not a show, but athletic and fighting

In addition, the moves do not demand too much, just to fine. As I mentioned above a few examples, if you mix Meiyi Zhao could become a chain Sha Zhao, of course

valuable feedback to better see the hope of some promise to help you
too helpless "2010-04-11 06:36:25 +0000 #3
your practice very much, uppercut swing in the more thought they, themselves will be able to find out! So you have to play familiar! Go out into their own moves out! Muscle has a memory function in the cell! We all practiced hard it!



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