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How to practice martial arts

woaizhaowanzhu2010-04-11 09:10:54 +0000 #1
Education teach
Korea Feizi2010-04-11 09:13:12 +0000 #2
many different types of Chinese martial arts, there are internal strength, external work. Internal strength into qigong, 轻功, Qigong and outer gas of gas divided in terms of the qigong were also a lot of martial art. As for the external work, martial art is diverse; also within the family boxing boxing and Wai Jia divided, for example, Tai Chi and Wing Chun Kung Fu School, within that, Fist, Cai Lifo boxing, Shaolin boxing outside the home so that the boxing.

Remember: The reason why the martial art can be handed down so far, because all of his various strengths. So, which one can not say what a boxing punch than the strong, can only say which person than what individuals intensity. That depends on whether the mission of the master strength, also depends on whether people learn to learn (more should be said that turn out to be) good.

To set a fearless tired of thinking, only to find a good master it. Good luck.

Questions added: combat action against the requirement is very high (including how to send power fist track, the center of gravity, body shape, etc., like reading books well is difficult, unless you have some basis), Therefore, not only from the training and learning.
9323628112010-04-11 09:22:33 +0000 #3
based on the most important and was trained in the time it was the guide, so that internal injury
1111aabb2010-04-11 09:35:19 +0000 #4
best teacher there is a level of education.
4758031302010-04-11 09:31:26 +0000 #5
I think it, martial arts is not the most important force, to use clever strong, there is the agile degree, namely, people's reaction is to stress speed, train speed I think that the two people are the best a man can not train what is, practice can only continue to be effective, I wish you success



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