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How can we press leg thigh stalk of the large tendon pulled?

hd Humor2010-04-11 20:11:36 +0000 #1
I always feel pressure force the knee, splits hack X-type legs what to do ----

I would like to know how is the correct method of sound
kungfuchen2010-04-11 20:18:32 +0000 #2
press leg when trying to touch toes with the forehead,

and more pressure, more play, more splits, this is martial arts basic skills training leg rules!
Dytjkd2010-04-11 20:26:30 +0000 #3
Kill pressure, no shortcuts
f3438562812010-04-11 21:02:36 +0000 #4
add upstairs to have warm-up exercise before leg pressing

the most practical is running a slight sweat and can run full leg pressing

and then do not patronize only the pressure to come forward to the rise of low-like

that the efficiency under the pressure to be a lot to kick after leg pressing

at least 100 dollars

not necessarily every day but try to determine the pressure of a pressure of

two days can not do it There will be more so lazy mental

If the total inert prone to lazy too long will not give up



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