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Muay Thai What pre-war dance dance ah?

7949926722010-04-12 05:10:36 +0000 #1
What was that dance? Introduced to - Thank you, Kazakhstan -
Pozhu 0 blinding2010-04-12 05:26:17 +0000 #2
Muay Thai etiquette: punches: Tribute

history to rival known as "500 L invincible hand" Although Muay Thai is known as bloody and brutal, yet very attention to ritual: each class must first right before the dance master dance coach. Muay Thai Ke biggest feature is its music from beginning to end in Thailand carried out, coach dance apart from expressing respect to the master, there are Respect, Respect, the King Ares meaning, although it is superstitious, but as a rule not fail to comply.

Muay Thai fighters in combat before the game to rival line together as gift, that is, hands clasped together before the tip of the nose, said his respect and friendship of the opponent, the winner to give the post-war loser row kneeling together as ritual, as the enemy in bloody battles respect - that bloody is not an exaggeration, the ancient Thai boxing semi-formal arena, is fighting to take life.

Muay Thai coach for the ceremony when the sector experienced one, very particular about the student's moral character and physical condition, learning was introduced to boxing are required or recommended, and after rigorous testing, to those who pass the admission school boxing. Each student receives a new boxing gymnasium when the school held a ceremony to be known as coach ceremony. This form even in the modern sports colleges select students of Muay Thai is also not exempt.

Entry boxer line disciple, master and master to the hall vowed, promised to obey the regulations of the museum. Xu oath was immediately followed by meditation and reciting Buddhist scriptures, the master for the new believers choose a suitable list, list their usual appearance and personality match. Since then, boxing boxer is considered a member of the museum, not replace Kadoba without consent.


Muay Thai boxing dance teacher when special attention in a race before the ceremony, to pray for the Holy Spirit, bless Quan Tai, expelled demons, so that game not to be disturbed. Before the ritual is generally divided into two parts: one for the masters, and two for the waving.

Boxer boarded the ring, the first coach of worship. Boxers are on your knees toward his boxing hall, home or place of birth, cover your eyes with the glove, body Qian Fu, until glove touch to pray about 3 minutes. After the prayer ended, started boxing dance ceremony, which punches and kicks that form due to different regional and boxing hall have different characteristics, have experience of Quanmi a glance where Zhi Chu Zi. Forum for the Arts Muay Thai boxing apparatus attached great importance to history, held a number of times the game of pure ritual.


to aggressive war famous Muay Thai competition, is under the musical accompaniment, which in addition to similar Muay Thai, Burmese boxing, boxing matches outside of Cambodia, a variety of martial art in the world game is a very rare thing.

Negative boring boxing matches, the musical tone will increase the speed to promote increased courage boxer. Each round of games, music tones and rhythms are gradually strengthened, with the boxing fans screamed loudly, so stimulation of the entire stadium full of fighting and severe and cruel atmosphere. Therefore, the war has become a Muay Thai traditional music and features.

Muay Thai traditional war game music, from the Java flute, cymbals, treble drum, bass drum is composed of four instruments.

Coach punches minutes coach and waving two parts.

Muay Thai boxing dance coach for the meaning of:

1, pull oneself together: the ceremony through the punches, adjustable mental attitude, emotional stability, lift the Office to interfere with, train to fight, while adapting to the environment and atmosphere, to mobilize the full potential of mind, access to good competitive state, psychologically well prepared for the fighting.

2, warm-up: the ceremony by punches and kicks all kinds of slow movement, stretching muscles and ligaments, promoting blood circulation, increase the excitability of the movement organs. By adjusting the respiratory rhythm, make it more profound quiet, so that internal organs to prepare for the intense campaign. 3, demonstration: the ceremony through the punches, boxing showcase their exquisite art, a good state of mind and firm will to fight against an opponent's confidence. Is a psychological tactic to defeat the enemy without a fight, resulting in fear, thus defeating the enemy. 4, acting: the ceremony through the punches, Muay Thai boxer demonstrate the essence of the understanding and insight, attitude and performance of the beautiful Muay Thai boxer themselves in their craft.

Fist dance video:
Fashion Wardrobe 22010-04-12 05:52:21 +0000 #3
Thai Buddhist. In Muay Thai competition, players must have a prayer ceremony before the game, players play, each Phi shirt, the sound of music into the game sets players wearing holy circle, shaped like a wreath, San circle Thai as " Wang succeed. " Players bow to the audience together as the first approach, then, the ring next to the band played "songs played" drums whistle sound. This is the Thai music, musical instruments, with flute, drums, jingling the main. Boxer dance music heard prayers to heaven, as modeled and the different factions, so not the same form of prayer, and some knees when kneeling down to indulge fixed, silent prayer; some with music and dance show to the audience size and fit Wu Zi; some bury silent Dai Li; Some held their hands together in the amount of the occasion and turn around the ring. Since this ceremony is very sacred, so players are very serious. To the days of prayer, prayer to the Patriarch, in order to succeed. The ceremony is very solemn.



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