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Ligament How long, how long before they can practice and training to open a practice long time ah. ,

Mabel5411327352010-04-12 10:10:08 +0000 #1

Shek Tsai g2010-04-12 10:25:09 +0000 #2
ligament can be quickly opened, that is, the general himself Xia Buqu hard breaking hands, dance classes, but class teachers and coaches who Sanda heavy hand, according to their fast ( nightmare). Can in fact be opened at once, but it is easy to strain. The most painful is that even if the injury is a professional school of dance, if I was pressed to do is to then pull, or ligament on the length back, and white by a crime. But friends also suffering, doctors have suggested that training had strain. But the coaches know that stretching after this bitter fact, the training than the more difficult.

Scientific point is the limit as far as possible and then pulled a bit over the limit. This suffering is not small.

Only the growth of short-term pain to change the pain.

Second, either martial arts or dance practice basic skills are to have been practiced. After the ligament pulled pull if you do not adhere to every day. Over time, ligaments have not pull away.



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