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I would like to practice martial arts amateur, seeking instructors, pointing at the line you can! No

A little rookie Tony2010-04-12 10:10:31 +0000 #1
There are additional points!
kungfuchen2010-04-12 10:23:01 +0000 #2
martial arts in my early learning experiences have been well aware of the value and share of the pursuit of easy!

So I am willing to an identity of someone who has a little suggestion for you and reference support, hope to help you!

Because of your question is too general, the proposed detailed chat qq, qq: 956500898
elite of the big capitalists2010-04-12 10:18:16 +0000 #3
Kickboxing training amateur athletes training for

8 hours a day for more than a professional athlete training two hours a day to 3 hours the amateur athletes amateur athletes have their own career how to do it can only do everything possible to exploit any tiny opening of training such as cycling to work as good a bike can be good exercise leg muscle strength actually called Horse Riding squatting crotch-step source Since ancient times before the army as a cavalry training in riding you think Horse is not as if riding (lunge known archer archery bow and arrow step is of course not when the position Martial Arts leg 90 degrees in the thigh as exaggerated), so the What was wrong with their own soldiers as well as bicycles do not take the elevator or climb the stairs to themselves as mountain infantry all the way so get up early every morning to 5:00 the first martial arts and then get up do not work can not watch TV at night when there can be side watching TV while training in a number of exciting dumbbell downloaded songs inspire a spirit must be at least a day Monday to Friday practice 2 hours Saturdays and Sundays to practice four hours a day for more than two or three years that may not adhere to the physical training: dumbbell push-ups sit-ups are running skipping cycling Dunqi muscle memory to repeat the training group Caixing such Dunqi 8-12 of 100 a group of 9 groups to do 120 sit-ups to do a group of 10 groups (which is the amount of such specific training to master your own) fighting training exercises for one hour only one or two movements that are particularly effective in an hour like the bear in the Sanda Training in breaking and training stick too much action, like for example the first effect of a lot better with 15 minutes to do Warming and some movement and then an hour on the train movements such as straight blow and the two side kick (side kick it is called different I do not know what you call it that) an hour of practice 80 straight blow 50 side kick 80 straight after a short break Fist Fighting training 50 minutes Side Kick: Footwork (and boxing footwork boxing almost as good practice the saying goes, practice first step you only use an hour into practice step: ramp jump around, squatting sideways) boxing exercises : straight blow uppercut swing in boxing and defensive collapse not too much range of motion principle to remember Fencing rate method to the lower leg exercises: arms and legs, legs are elastic hook whip kick Kicking Kick Side Kick leg swing is Zhouxi practice: on those few Fighting erupted in integrated action imaginary exercise: an hour is a lot of enemies within the imaginary rushing to beat you, you, you will use your fighting moves that they actually killed the traditional training routines is also an imaginary enemy movement Pacific plate is a



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