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You help me solve a problem fighting ah

Zlh89149522010-04-12 11:12:05 +0000 #1
I am 17 this year, stands a 170 also. Often dream fight. However, whenever a fight this heart to stress. When I dream often feel like a punch each other, crept (as is the quilt cover steps up) so I felt the barrier. This is how to do ah? Then who can teach me some fighting skills ah. Like fighting, Sanda, so, thank you.
Nash · Lee2010-04-12 11:23:01 +0000 #2
yes ah novice this is not the heart, so nervous strength is not the case? Nothing to learn those skills also were a waste of time and is not practical you can not fight it every day and if the people really come across anything to say in advance to take a guy such as mop and broke that stick with you towards the back of the knee also hit on the hip bone that line Do not look to put down that brain eye toward the temples will fight any death of
colorful tangerine peel2010-04-12 11:47:35 +0000 #3
fight of experience, is very important. Big no no good strength experience
Stars flying 902010-04-12 11:53:30 +0000 #4

I Although no fighting experience. However, many students have a good relationship like a fight. . .

By asking them. . That: a fight first harden. Kill them. This is the key to momentum.

And then a fight faster. Punches do not have to be too ruthless. But to be fast. For an extra few.

There. Kicking leg with the edge. Kicking another ruthless Youteng.

Finally. Really want to fight to meet people. . Gang war of the cattle B
0o child sky o02010-04-12 12:21:37 +0000 #5
each hit with an apple before, others want to bully you, you put apple squeeze burst. Volume of others was not so bold a ...



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