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a80658682010-04-13 06:12:19 +0000 #1
Today I met a very pleasant thing at the foot of my classmates and I were two men and two women a little older than me for no reason at beating the bad students in pursuit of my students are back and I was under the back of the head has endured a hit my and he fled to escape to another hill in the mountains before returning to the streets

had thought well of my town I am afraid of law and order

I want to be self-defense, but I do not know how the boys like my first two days

If you take self-defense students with weapons is not bad ah you recommend some

is it to learn some kung fu or martial arts taekwondo Sanda

my leg muscles is a great football team slugger

Now, I am very scared

how do cities how kind of transfer order or I hope you help out

but I was afraid of how to play the small fry were injured I would hesitate to do

but they are outlaws
haoran7372010-04-13 06:14:20 +0000 #2
Martial Arts is secondary, it is important your mind, you are not being punks down, but your own fear.

In fact, you can not fear.

Maybe you feel incredible, you may find someone else to hurt me, I must be afraid ah.

In fact, you really need is courage

If you can not beat yourself, learn nothing else. .

However, a heart of martial arts is honing the best way, just as Bruce Lee said, "Quan Dao is no way disabled, but the truth of life of the road leading to"

actually learn what martial arts are all OK, in the You worked hard in the process of changing your character will gradually, but do not recommend you practice Taekwondo, commercial heavy. Can learn Wai Jia Kung Fu.

But the martial arts not make you invincible, like you learn martial arts, winning them, then the next time they call 100 if the individual you how to do, of course, you can escape, but you will remember forever, you have like a coward the same escape.

Material strong secondary

When you can calmly face the immense suffering and threats, you will be happy, because you will not be controlled by fear, this is "Mount collapse in the former and color change," This is a large comfortable environment, fear of the environment. Ability to endure hardship (martial arts training is painful), a broad mind, your future success are limitless.

All to see if you can crossed the Hom.

Oh, actually that's a bit far, most people only learn martial arts defense self-defense only, you can learn Jeet Kune do, very practical.

But still want you to know that the road is so go.
Corner collar-type Dian Hi2010-04-13 06:35:52 +0000 #3
brother you really afraid of Le? Grass is not a Man? They Ze? They are not one ah? Give them a few red erupted for them to see they also beat Cu practicing his martial arts? Are superfluous and what is the use? Well the saying goes, fear of martial arts is never too high under the knife if you can not pick up a tile Black Hand would encounter such a thing you do not have nothing to fear from you like a husband like to really fight hard to hold down a vicious, but ln fact, I have to suffer when the school bully was gradually to understand what punks Le useless to tell them you want to really dry up and they fear a letter saying do not be afraid their buddy's house when the small fry no power point you dry them and they on which the letter B like Le

Hey tantamount to yes
abc5702628392010-04-13 07:22:19 +0000 #4
training a few months the power can not look like they match the skill they mad it is not too true master will shop and go to this? Are not you more afraid of them more arrogant
ghhlong2010-04-13 07:15:05 +0000 #5
first training bile, there must be an vicious, when they are your feet, football, severely dry on the feet, they naturally and, like football, where you want to kick on the kick where.
Royal Salute ╮2010-04-13 08:29:25 +0000 #6
tile is not recommended. the best thrown stick.

brother. Although you use this enough.

but. mainly finish the consequences of war.

underworld White Road, you cut them up.

They sure make you bother to learn.

to you having failed to make.

If the money. the best people to spend a few hundred pieces to find something.

not to mention the names with their fight.

leg muscles are not so big either. who is more key.

transfer.? if you could not market. to find you with pisses so simple.

just a suggestion. Thank you.
q845411562010-04-13 08:59:31 +0000 #7
Wing Chun it, if you want to short into it, I practiced 5 years Baguazhang , actual combat, not to say that a dozen 9
4029617902010-04-13 06:49:35 +0000 #8
Sanda it! Training about people fighting for a hit slay alive!
Duanrui272010-04-13 09:45:34 +0000 #9
how do you know they are the outlaws, you only own the first counseling.



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