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Most fights are over with their fists or feet and more?

Hfdsffewww2010-04-13 07:10:32 +0000 #1

smiling face cold gun Luo2010-04-13 07:16:43 +0000 #2
fist of course, because fist easily.
Kungfuchen2010-04-13 07:26:53 +0000 #3
most people do not martial arts, martial arts who do not rely on the basic fist fight by hand rather than by foot.

For the following reasons:

1, no pressure had legs, legs could not lift it up to 2, not played for legs, even up to also play does not go out to 3, not trained, there is no sense beating from the legs and quality.

A woman crying wolf fight, mostly of shouting and verbal abuse with Guihao tear each other clothes and hair, accompanied by one of the techniques torsion. Also slapped and beat each other, and a few people will pinch or spat
Qiao Xin Ai dream2010-04-13 08:14:02 +0000 #4
as long as they fight with punches straight on to say that he never practiced Bo hit (except boxing)

martial arts will find that the usefulness of legs is greater! Because the legs are the length, intensity and so the advantage of boxing is not more than

This is why we see in action movies in the legs with a number of reasons from a year

I practice Tae Kwon Do Tae Kwon Do in the confrontation can only legs!
Jinyang19912010-04-13 07:59:53 +0000 #5
how do you say. Now multi-martial arts film. Like martial arts or the sabotage of many people. What the work we all understand the point. So many people like to exercise. And even now most people would put so little leg or a direct boxing's. but the real fight is not a master or a normal professional. generally relied on the strength. is also a fist fight with. not so good-looking posture. unless you play every day. exercise and practice their strokes and usually do, and still a little gap between the real fight. but your muscles better point,
Scaipeijun2010-04-13 07:52:50 +0000 #6
2 House, is fighting to see less of!

Landlord said, most people playing together, it is certainly more feet!

Feet is a human instinct, legs longer, and has high inertia, more powerful than the fist,

and the girls even more so, the foot is much greater than the power of hand! Gang wars and even more, and so many people,

not even pushed in front is not simple, of course, with their feet, if it is singled out, then, are generally more than

fist, feet, wrestling with what used to meet the of! Taekwondo fighting the third floor you say more than their feet, in fact, the general practice of the time

not so long time, simply use foot well, is easy to be exploited flaws in a few seconds to

be dry upside down! I never use their feet when the fight of my favorite people to play with their feet, 20 seconds can

people with disabilities! But landlord 1.80 height, straight kick, then, is very frightening! Try not to side kick.

Direct face-kick past, legs so long, put one foot dry fall!
Adonis ox2010-04-13 08:18:22 +0000 #7
If the general fight, with fists does not matter, if it is on the streets of the brawl, that guy's hand is a must to bring it, bricks, locks what what means. My uncle said he hears the year in the army veteran, said even if the fighting around only when Hanamaki also good on bread, can not empty-handed on the other empty-handed. Women fight over hand Cookin because girls generally lower extremity strength is not strong, can lose their balance with their feet, so it's not instinctive foot. Finally, martial arts fights Ye Hao Ye Hao, physical fitness is the key, or what is called Kung Fu are being round. Long distance (at least 2 to 3 km), push-ups, pull-up, sit-ups, vertical jump / leapfrog the most basic is to improve the quality of several of the top priority.
Sad i angel2010-04-13 08:42:37 +0000 #8
general with his fist, the other lying on the ground of the feet
QQ3436068552010-04-13 07:48:32 +0000 #9
fist of the course



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