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Xuzhou Nagatada taekwondo coach on (answer give extra points)

Aurora subjects2010-04-13 07:10:37 +0000 #1
people rich in my garden that was trained, by the end of 2009 coach Wang Liang, Liu Di coaches turn left to a female coach, nor how to teach, wrong action of no matter, every day, and students talk, who knows Coach Liu and Wang coach to which sub-discipline of the? ? ? And I see a coach Liu rewind is also hanging in the Road Museum, they ever return, I think both of them particularly seriously, especially strict, very good teaching, there are coaches who know the woman (with a brother) , how is she
Tai Yuen Yuk Ying Tae Kwon Do2010-04-13 07:12:23 +0000 #2
is simple, because something out of, ah! such circumstances generally will not come back!

Technology is the point of need good coaching to bring you the potential of technology find out!!!

the other you can figure it out!!!



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