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Is how Bruce Lee died ah? ? ?

weapon 202010-04-13 07:11:36 +0000 #1
I looked after the legendary Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee really found very handsome, is 32 years old died, it is really a pity ah
luoluohenry2010-04-13 07:17:40 +0000 #2
1973 年 7 月 20, Lee plans and then film producer Raymond Chow and play the famous James Bond actor George Lazenby Australian dinner, hoping to persuade the latter to perform his new film Game of Death, the day he did not attend the meeting; the night was found in the actress Betty Ting died suddenly at home.

Cause different opinions, information released by the hospital said he died of cerebral edema, and that he was a kind of painkiller that contains equigesic allergy, the body without injury, in addition to cannabis has not found his body with other drugs. Some people think that Bruce Lee because of excessive exercise, fatigue, death, this argument does not have enough evidence, but the Lee family is said to have power to stimulate the muscles muscular machine, and his last three movies in the muscle are particularly nice. Others think he died of drug allergy, although this argument does not have enough evidence, but his death is indeed eaten some tablets.

Some people suspect that Bruce Lee was poisoned by some Chinese martial artist, and according to Chinese tradition, martial arts are not exported, the Bruce Lee martial arts teach the foreigners in violation of this tradition, so Chinese people use the traditional remedy poison him, to make an autopsy showed normal death, this argument currently no conclusive evidence. Some Africans still think Bruce Lee is not dead, but in Kenya seclusion practice, this view is not only no conclusive evidence, but also conflicts with the video of Bruce Lee memorial service.

Kung Fu star Bruce Lee died young generation has been 30 years, however, it is because of modern times died suddenly of a fan. Online, and I am afraid in many magazines and newspapers, we can see above, only the death of Bruce Lee died of drug allergy, but the case is not a simple matter. According to contemporary reports of view, the death of Bruce Lee is not too many people have concerns, people may have forgotten these things, stumbled just remember that he died only drug allergy. But the book turned 90, "Wu Hun" to see the truth. April 1993 New York, a tape of the play really makes this real mystery was finally revealed to the world:

Bruce Lee was murdered! However, the culprit turned out to be the murder of Bruce Lee as the United States hundreds of millions of tycoon Hugh • Bobby!


Hugh • Bobby was the U.S. financial giant, reputed in countries with an ancient and wealthy family. Bruce Lee's death in the fourth day of the July 25, 1973, Hugh • Bobby recorded this tape, detailed disclosure of the murder of Lee's cause, and the process of:

Let's talk about the incident from 50 years. By the end of November 1958, 18-year-old Bruce Lee in Hong Kong bound for San Francisco's "g • Cleveland president" passenger ships on the occasional strong the rest • Bobby's only daughter Janet. Janet, who just turned 18-year-old childhood on willfulness and unconstrained, but brilliant, eccentric and confident that Bruce Lee's character, chivalrous and ferocious military technology makes the she was being carried away in love with the Orientals.

To reach the U.S., Janet began the pursuit of Lee, and Lee out of the considerations, only to Janet as a common friend. From San Francisco to Seattle, Janet resolutely from New York's "palace" where Bruce Lee flew the University of Washington in Seattle. However, martial arts Bruce Lee on the persistence and treat people's indifference makes Janet tearfully returned to New York.

Four years later (1962), currently pursuing Master of Medicine Janet suddenly decided to travel far. Mr. Hugh • Bobby that daughters only, and students to play Miami, they unwittingly agreed. In fact, Janet went to Seattle, rekindle old love she still loves Bruce Lee, and tried to persuade Lee. Bruce Lee Jun Fan Wu things are busy training and meet the challenges from all walks of life, nature will not heed the words of Janet. Moreover, the martial arts for Bruce Lee, it must seem that all of his life and ideals.

One day in June 1963, Janet suddenly mysteriously returned to New York's home, and said Lee had been pregnant with the child. However, Janet's brother Michael (quite well known at the time the banker) came when asked about Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee was denied in this matter, and things have been engaged with Ai Linda told him. This is Janet is a very heavy blow, Janet is suffering from mental illness, was admitted to the hospital. In 1964, Janet fed babies nurse at home, the television broadcast of the Los Angeles Long Beach at the World Wushu Tournament, the emergence of Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do, and shocked the audience, but also shocked his father, Janet and Hugh • Bobby. Bruce Lee's self-confidence has become reality: he became a great hero shocked the world! However, shortly after the end on the game show, Jennifer Ni Tele cutting pulse after a child died of suicide. Distressed Hugh • Bobby was only one thought: Bruce Lee must die!
Hdlcsy2010-04-13 07:24:45 +0000 #3
Contact Bruce Lee's hard work over training with Bruce Lee, head pressure plus a brain tumor
andyhua1132010-04-13 07:26:51 +0000 #4
囧. . . Baidu Encyclopedia your own Bruce Lee. . .
Na2282010-04-13 08:45:31 +0000 #5
Bruce Lee did not die, he will live forever in the hearts of the Chinese people. . . Chinese Good Kenjiro
Wei Tsai Shuai2010-04-13 08:33:48 +0000 #6
is exhausted, too dead to
ah png2010-04-13 09:54:57 +0000 #7
to kill Americans, and they fear the Chinese cultural influence of Western culture! His son was killed a



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