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I want to learn Chen style Tai Chi Chuan! New!

Czb0602203072010-04-13 08:10:21 +0000 #1
I am high, due to the relationship between learning and their own conditions, were never in contact with martial arts. But I like martial arts, especially Tai Chi Chuan, I decided to start practicing tai chi ... ... everything from the basics, on flexibility, I myself will take to strengthen, please Chen style Tai Chi master TIP: on the Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan The overall presentation and how to train (no time to find teachers to teach only taught herself!)! I'll start with the start up! Thank you!
620616322010-04-13 08:13:56 +0000 #2
Cool Web to find the excellent teaching Chen Style Taijiquan look after the more basic moves in the online `` `I do not recommend you practice tai chi for older susceptible to synovitis
kungfuchen2010-04-13 08:42:09 +0000 #3
First Declaration I am not a master, only a relatively earlier than you touch the pioneer Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan!

See you have a very good idea, because the martial arts of Chen Tai Chi is the number one or number two in the classic boxing, there Boulevard Tai Chi title! However, because of action is not that too much TV, so not always be young people, like you can explain your experience and vision are unique!

In the current spread of the five Tai Chi, the basic can be traced back to the same conclusion from Chen Style Taijiquan, Chen Style Taijiquan is the founder of the Ming and Qing Wen County of Henan Chenjiagou village, Chen Wangting, he used to follow Invasions of the officers and men of Qi Jiguang, Poet and grow old and return home after the victory of their own knowledge of many years of martial art Tai Chi combined with traditional Chinese philosophy, yin and yang, five elements theory of life and death, but also compatible with the boxing and the guided medicine, medicines, meridians, etc. theory, and will be used in martial arts qigong being, the arrangement has become a different style, internally and externally to support both training, unification Dacheng's boxing, it is called Taijiquan.

Chen Wangting create Tai Chi, the Qi Jiguang compiled from the "32 by the Czech Republic boxing potential to" draw exquisite, the adoption of the 29 potential, that is lazy bar clothing, leg, and adoption of horses fist, Seven Star Boxing, bird land Long, hanging leg virtual, tigers potential, Shoutou potential, overturned pedal, Chaoyang hand, refers to crotch potential, potential cross tiger, cannon, etc..

Currently circulating Chen Tai Chi Chen 14 in the world of basic public Mass Taijiquan Chen Changxing hall, through several generations of sound, especially through the modern Chen style Tai Chi master Chen Fa-ke Chen Zhao Kui public and the public's potential to improve and be made. Now circulating seems to have four sets of ordinary routine, that is the way the old frame, old frame two sections along the new frame, new Frame and a few years ago to meet the competitive demands made of the competition routine 56 Creating style. Extensive practice in the active promoter system, we have a certain altitude can practice Tai Chi casual hand!

Tai Chi different from other martial arts entry, entry, because he needs a high degree of understanding in more and pictograms on the basis of perceived ability to learn, and very complex movement, the connotation and extension very much, so I recommend you find a qualified teacher to learn!

If we can be self, self-study focused only on the standardization of the level of action, I suggest you learn Chen Lei, Ma Chang and Wang Erping three teachers of routine.

Baidu video there are a lot, you enter a search of their name is!
Rzx2162010-04-13 08:31:21 +0000 #4
Chen Lei Tai Chi on the net

to Baidu search
drdmswdbzaq2010-04-13 09:19:18 +0000 #5
learn wisdom for Tai Chi Oh! Yang Tian six school to learn palm!
Bitter taste2010-04-13 09:41:24 +0000 #6
do not you think that simple. No instructor, you can only learn when the Tai Chi exercise, like the shell. It is estimated that action is not in place

think of ways to worship a teacher it, so as to learn authentic Tai Chi (find a teacher longer eye-ah, to find a good teacher). Chen Hong Chuan Tai Chi (Tai Chi Hung) good word of mouth, the second generation and third generation boxer boxer been very good, you take the time
when the wind ask the window2010-04-13 09:25:53 +0000 #7
this, but ah, well
Chinese God of wisdom2010-04-13 08:42:38 +0000 #8
buy Inland and teachers book, excellent! The book detailed action diagrams, easy to self!
Town States army, division,2010-04-13 08:46:51 +0000 #9
I practiced Chen Style Taijiquan, I think we should practice it, best not to self, as Chen style Tai Chi for demanding legs, knees should be loose, especially in the conversion center of gravity particularly evident when, as long as the action or practice of non-standard error, the knee will have serious implications. Therefore, the best one out the best teachers to teach. There is no time to find a teacher, then it start with Chen Lei Essentials 18-style video (outdoor version of the video) has begun to study it, the video description on how to practice with. The overall look at this site it describes.


Chen Lei Essentials 18-style video



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