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wwe the cage match on the just-concluded, HBK attacks mourners why?

Senbo2222010-04-13 08:10:27 +0000 #1
World War II in the Royal before seen HBK on because of losing the race and very strange. . In the end have anything to do with the mourners? . . Please know that the next. Thank you.
0o sweet o ring o02010-04-13 08:26:06 +0000 #2
behind HBK do not say.?

Before the time of his winning the prize you mentioned Undertaker.?

That we must declare war .. .. then HBK to the UT UT but was rejected. HBK has been looking for opportunities.

8D in a race lost to Stan got the opportunity was no more .. ..

and then HBK also because the matter was dissolved DX ..

The reason why the attack on HBK UT WM because the last time at UT to HBK to win the win ..

.. plus very thoroughly rejected by UT game very heavy loss of belt air .. let UT ..

to the first two days .. two .. they decided to speak out of a game:

straight VS wrestling career winning streak (HBK to the end of UT's 17-0 undefeated mythology)

wrestling career (HBK lost the WWE would never quit a)

indeed, when they both played in 25WM best wrestling a full read 4 times .. .. I

Unfortunately, UT now can not use "tombstone set head" to KO "HBK" the ..

super-BS (contempt) 维奇格雷罗 .. the tombstones to close the UT ..

And now the bombs drop with the old UT is to let people out .. Oh ..

If I only could I would use my 10 years of life to UT for his young 10 years ..

and returned fire when UT came to power at hand ..

UT and HBK I liked. but still support the UT more .. ..

Ha ha .. as LS says attack was to provoke UT to UT not ignore the HBK ..

Well .. That is it a .. What I do not understand can be added Q: 765618609
jayxiexie2010-04-13 08:58:21 +0000 #3
Obviously, you did not see before.

HBK declared war to the mourners mourners did not agree (HBK the victory to record the end of mourners)

and mourners ignored the provocation before HBK Oh

The reason why the cage match, the attacks on mourners in order to irritate him.

Now HBK objective was achieved mourners promised to challenge his victory to his record

Of course, this is conditional: if the victory conditions mourners, then HBK's wrestling career ended

If this victory, then HBK Then mourners victory record was gone. (This condition is the mourners said, HBK After listening to the conditions, he simply said: "not the end of your victory record, my wrestling career is equal to no. I accept.")

Lastly HBK agreed to this condition .
Q ah Q W2010-04-13 09:04:17 +0000 #4
may be because he hates mourners lost the game, and no chance from the mourners who won the gold belt, angry. If you think the right choice can be a plus on extra points.



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