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How to play continuous boxing have power?

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1 strength; Sanda attack me in your defense of the confrontation must have a certain strength, to give each other a threat. Such as boxing, should be swift and strong, we must play to feet, legs, shoulder and waist hip joint action, coordination and cooperation. And the order according to the principles of muscle strength hair, the large muscle masses of the first work of the body from static to dynamic, 以便 in the body start: Medium muscle strength secondary to muscle 获得 certain speed of Shenti further accelerate; small muscle last issued power, mainly for controlling the movement of line and range of boxing. At the same time the moment in development effort, with the breath, breath build strong, urging force to gas, to achieve emotional unity of the three forces, ultimately increasing beating purposes.

2 Speed Speed in fighting is to win one of the key factors; How to improve? First, pay attention to line movement. Only action method is correct, action specification, circuit and reasonable and can help improve the speed. Principle known from the athletes, sport line to reach the finish line is the shortest distance, time, and therefore facilitate the movement of least accelerated. Of course, the hands of non-linear motion for the bulk of some action, should pay attention to body or part of the swing range to narrow turning radius to increase their swing speed. Second, to avoid the phenomenon of muscle relaxation. According to the mechanical characteristics of muscle contraction. Muscle does not have full flexibility, but with significant time effect, prolonged contraction of the contractile force and speed will drop. So not too early muscle contraction, so as not to cause muscle fatigue and relaxation. For example; correct boxing is; fist to hit the target of an instant before rapidly the fist clenched. From a physiological point of view, muscle relaxation of the means to acquire better, more economical use of energy and can be as soon as possible to replenish the energy consumed. Third, to improve coordination between the muscles and improve coordination between the nerve center, to increase the speed of the movement, the reason lies in the synergistic muscles to improve coordination between, you can reduce muscle tension generated by confrontation resistance, thus more conducive to active muscle contraction, increased movement speed.

3 explosive power of the meaning of the body of organisms convert chemical energy to mechanical energy conversion rate, that is, that the mechanical muscle power, muscle formula that the instantaneous output power P value, F value of said instantaneous strength, V the instantaneous muscle contraction speed, power = force × velocity

actual combat actions to improve combat effectiveness, in fact, is to maximize movement speed and combat power, instantaneous power is increased. On the movement speed and combat power alone or a part of the independence movement is physically impossible. Must be based on speed, strength, principle of superposition of synthesis, relying on various aspects of body coordination and, ultimately, limb or part of Switzerland is not reflected.
Mxasn5212010-04-13 08:37:50 +0000 #3
You say it is combination of boxing, such as direct pendulum hook boxing like this, with the waist power driven arm will have the power to punch up.
Martial infinite2010-04-13 08:52:14 +0000 #4
turn ankles, twisted knees, sending cross, handed elbow
hltd20082010-04-13 10:02:30 +0000 #5
first have sufficient strength
li8233301332010-04-13 09:28:17 +0000 #6
Hiroko main fact2010-04-13 11:11:08 +0000 #7
read Mada Shuai yet? With Fan Wei crazy way that the most powerful.



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