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I want to go special trick is learning Sanda, but after graduation what good ah

Xiuling QWE2010-04-13 09:10:02 +0000 #1
Jiji Ji triple my score is about 8 meters, 100 meters in 12 seconds, carbon is 66 stone on the road should, in plastic can improve, there are 4 months away from the entrance of the shot is 9 meters, thank you heroes pull very anxious ------------·
Wolf Lao large2010-04-13 09:21:11 +0000 #2
view to you should an ordinary sports bar enrollment, how the triple jump test now? Apply for the best sports school in the province or good, I am also sports in general there are two professional, that is, physical education, and community sports, physical education is not necessarily out of a teacher, school social sports for sports people not suitable, I was physical education, after graduation, many of the general examination for graduate studies, is up body, the North test body gradually getting better, but also the civil service exam, but get a little exposure,

If you are a high body may certain activity levels and sports at school level by maintaining good friends

your results, seems to be slim-type bar, shot much, how have to 11 m bar, 100 m general, learning from others, learning results were scratched Yeah, the more important
pulsator Canada2010-04-13 09:51:32 +0000 #3
you strength is poor, ah, our school shot put champion who started more than 9 meters, two days of nearly 20 meters
creamy pudding2010-04-13 10:10:52 +0000 #4
You mean the one trick it should be the examination institute Sanda single-strokes, but by people coming to your situation as I think you must have a relationship.

If you take the diploma, then it should not consider out of the first path, and learn what a way Yeah, nothing more than just a professional.

In the future as you graduate, took the diploma, I think a wide range of options, and can test graduate, you can start a business, you can test the civil service, you can clear the way museum, you can choose physical education teacher's career, can be a personal trainer, etc., etc.

Of course, if you went to college, the teacher will certainly educate you said, growing employment pressure, more and more college, more and more difficult to find undergraduate work, and the best way to test or post-graduate ... ... ... ... ... ... I think broadly about the schools

want to help you ...
000 rookie 0072010-04-13 09:43:38 +0000 #5
you said the special is what it means. To hear as it is to consider general body ah. Single response only test your special. Is high, the general asked for or took the city of the first three games. After that they can freely admitted to re-election of non-professional sports. Not a physical birth. As for the general body, admitted to that school sports. No future, it is difficult employment, physical health 99% now, do not engage in sport. If you go Sanda very powerful test if a single response, but also requires you Maomao. But should not a lot. Pass the test even. As for the general body Do not even think, your sport and culture courses that do not belong to the top. Is generally admitted to the school. Graduated no future.



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