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Easy to use axes and knives which self-defense

assunhaop2010-04-13 09:10:08 +0000 #1

Yi Meng of Memories2010-04-13 09:18:33 +0000 #2
... ... ax ---
fzgglen2010-04-13 09:23:23 +0000 #3
I personally think the ax more destruction and more deterrent
in spring daisy2010-04-13 10:07:13 +0000 #4
ax you want to how with?
Sower95272010-04-13 10:07:39 +0000 #5
control tool. . . Effort is needed to train their fists or magic
rattled ringing2010-04-13 09:27:59 +0000 #6
piece knife
zhuiqiu16882010-04-13 09:41:18 +0000 #7
if only for self-defense, then certainly a good knife, a small knife into the convenience of anywhere, axes, you can easily take you!! Say ax used up not easy,

of course ordinary people, if prepared in advance and to fight, then it is another matter.



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