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Chengdu, where there is no learning Kendo? (2010)

sslzcsfx2010-04-13 09:10:37 +0000 #1
more professional, the best coach the Japanese

dungyu2010-04-13 09:15:08 +0000 #2
exchange there will be an infinite stream with Japanese teacher to Chengdu Kendo will I have to answer this question three times Baidu ah!
Quinoa ghost2010-04-13 09:33:04 +0000 #3
August this year, Kendo examination section of the country you are in Chengdu, there are

Japanese teacher ah m m a professional will come when the only communication Kendo in Beijing, where teachers are working professional Japanese friends do not even test it to make money, but all meters northwest wind drink oh

but paragraph 8 of the monthly exam time will certainly come to a lot of teachers Rights - Ha ha --- test section is to segment the teacher sits 7-8 ---

Well there is an infinite stream of Chengdu temple Rights - unlimited flow is not a genre names Rights Rights - Oh ---- The teacher told Zhang Wei Lun - Kendo Alliance Secretary-General of China - have their own venue --- Oh --- is often able to see the small Japanese and foreign devils Rights - hee hee -

There are a sword will love Chengdu - Founder (for the time being so call it - Ha ha -) was Juan Juan - and Yi Jian flow before (it's not a lot of two-up evaluation) field knife -

Also Chengdu Kendo is organization - not the professor local friends - or unlimited flow in long, long time ago - Zhang Wei Lun students do not buy the site before the establishment of a dedicated kendo - Chengdu swordsman who used the name on the Rights - Ha ha - now seemingly called Friends of Chengdu kendo -

endless stream little publicity friends - most students are being introduced to the -

2 where two people you can look online Baidu - see more - choose your favorite parts of training their own right - after all this stuff practice most people will find them boring and not have the patience to continue - if not like where their power is even more strategic --- Oh --- no hope, when in paragraph 8 of the monthly exam to see you ---



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